Google nixes paying out remainder of maternity and medical leave for laid-off employees

Google has decided not to pay out the remaining balance of maternity and medical leave for employees who have been laid off.

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Technically (from my experience/understanding), if it’s not a targeted layoff, like entire teams or blanket swaths of employees being let go, then it’s not a problem legally (referring to maternity/medical leave issues). But I hope they raise a big enough social stick to get giggles to comply and pay out. – this happened to my wife at the start of the pandemic during her maternity leave…



“Don’t be evil” is now the middle finger.


lol alphabet made $60,000,000,000 in profit last year.


Small struggling company, who can blame them.


It’ll hurt their shareholders, can’t have that now


That’s dystopian… In my (EU-member) country it’s illegal to get fired whilst on maternity leave.


I’m surprised at how bad Silicon Valley firms handle layoffs. I worked in industries where this happened regularly, but people knew how to handle it to minimize the impact on morale and perception.

Salesforce started laying people off in January and still hasn’t finished.

Microsoft let go ethical AI teams as they push OpenAI.

High profit margins have been an excuse for poor management.


It’s really upsetting to see a lot of these tech firms hiring like drunken sailors because of the FOMO on top talent, then not utilizing that talent, ultimately laying off that talent and traumatizing a generation of workforce.

Then we’ll hear them cry victim when workers treat them the same way when roles are reversed..,


You’ve heard of Detroit: become human but have you tried Google: Become Shitbags?


Fucking insane that corporations just get to do whatever they want.


Why are the richest, most profitable companies in the world pinching Pennies as if they won’t make payroll next week? They don’t pay dividends, they’re not making any acquisitions in this environment and they’re still making money hand over fist, and displaying no regard, at all, to their employees.

I hope this employees band together and make the company that does away with Google.


Google motto: “Be evil.”


They should say, evil prevails.


G is for greed


This quote: “Google announced it would be increasing parental leave  for full-time employees to 18 weeks for all parents and 24 weeks for birth parents” <- thats some fucked up shit right there. Most other ‘developed’ countried over much longer parental leave (and higher min wages) and the world has not imploded yet, they still have companies and emlloyers and people doing business there.


You see why unions are important now, tech workers?


Remember when working for Google was the dream? So much so that they made a Vince Vaughn movie about it? Well I guess this just goes to show they’re shit, just like every other major company out there.


Government – “Why are people not having babies, we have been forcing them to”

Corporations – oh they’re pregnant, fire them


Google should honor this. These people built the company. They literally baked the bread. Let them eat it.


This isn’t anything new, it was part of the original announcement. It always made sense to me that everyone would get the same severance package and timeline instead of extended severance packages for those that are on leave


The narrative that so many bought into over the years is that unregulated capitalism and corporations were the beacon of progress and societal well being…

The mask of capitalism is disintegrating.


Wow, turns out big benevolent Google is actually a piece of shit scumbag 3rd world company? AND they’re getting their asses handed to them by Microsoft?? Who’d have guessed. Rooting for them to fail hard… AOL anyone?


Things monopolies do


That’s bullshit.


Shouldn’t they have insurance for this stuff? I hope a lot of these Engineers start becoming professors, so we teach the next generation of [Software Engineers to be P. E.s](


America needs a Labor party for those who are both fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The Republicans and Democrats both have failed this country’s workers. It took the Great Depression to get anything close to social aid. I think a sizable chunk of Americans would happily vote for a party that prioritizes the average worker, because neither of the two major parties give any damn. Otherwise Americans should look at the French and see how often they straight up refuse to work unless their grievances are met.


Don’t be evil



Disgusting. Imagine the trauma of being laid off while dealing with one of the most challenging times of your life. Just disgusting


Don’t be evil


Didn’t Trump & Hitler do the same thing as Google?


They’ve weighed their options. Paying the fines and inevitable lawsuits will be cheaper than treating their employees as humans


The company’s CEO has the money, only in rhis country would they need it, if they had National health care it wouldn’t be needed. EVIL


So far removed from the “Don’t be evil” days.


I’ve posted this before but – the problem is *public companies.* The entire formula around them is broken, where the only thing that matters is the stock price. No idea what the answer is, but there’s a machine that needs to be destroyed.


I mean they have like 18 weeks severance plus two weeks per year of service. Very generous exit package if you ask me. Whether on leave or not all layoffs being treated the same. Seems pretty fair to me that the average employee is getting half a year of pay

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