Google says it can’t fix Pixel Watches, please just buy a new one | With no official repair program and no parts, broken Pixel Watches are just e-waste.

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This should be forbidden by law. Its totally unacceptable.


Google notoriously can’t support anything


Simple solution – just make companies totally responsible for the recycling of their products and they must have this cost on their balance sheets. Easy.


To be fair, Samsung watches aren’t much better. They do have a repair program, but when I broke the screen on my last watch, it cost me less to buy a new watch than it was to have the screen replaced.


With California’s new right to repair law requiring 7 years of parts availability, I wonder if it would actually even be illegal to sell those watches in california. And there are at least two other states with right to repair laws.


Isn’t this the case for most smart watches? Garmin hast exactly the same policy on their support site


Never buy a Google product. It’s broken. All their employees care about is promotions. Never about maintenance.


Google should have to account for the waste in their capital value. They’ve taken that material from use, it’ll cost money to put it back into circulation. Ignoring the cost of waste in the economy is another way the exploiting class overvalues their contribution.


As are most of Google’s products.


Let me make one thing clear. This is digital, which means there are no analog electrical components. There are no mechanical components. There is a tiny chip in there (with a 555 timer chip replicated within it) that runs it. Chips can be replaced, kind of. It’s more trouble than it’s worth, from the technical end of it. And your phones are the same way, don’t pretend they’re not just because you’ve seen a recycling bin for them.


These headlines look especially bad after Apple dedicated half a keynote talking about how Apple Watch 9 is their first carbon-neutral product.

Awful PR and awful timing.


It’s not like Google has ever been a manufacturing company. Buying hardware from them has been a known crapshoot forever. Heck, even if they were, their entire culture of “iterare” and “fail fast” is counter to the fundamentally predictive nature of the entirely waterfall physical product manufacturing and global supply chain industries.

Buy hardware from hardware companies, and software and services from other companies.


Google is horrible at everything except search. They kill every product, every program, every service…


I hope the EU comes for their ass


EU commission just entered the chat


Peak Google. Introduce something without any long term plans on supporting it. Its why I’m hesitant on recommending anything Google outside their most popular products (Gmail, Android, etc)


Good to know before buying a google product


I was thinking of upgrading my Samsung galaxy watch active 2. Finally the Google watch will be off the list!


And this is why Apple keeps winning the smartphone and smartwatch market.

Say what you want about Apple and their practices, but *their shit works*. It just works. That is all people want and that is why they’re winning.


Same with apple watch. Mine just turned off the screen while everything still works. 500$ repair which is the same as new watch


And somehow people will blame apple


Imagine buying a house but nobody can do repairs so you have to buy a new house


Seriously, they beg people to switch over to Apple. Can you put some quality and sustainability in your products. I don’t want a future where Apple is the only tech company in the world.


Gonna scroll to see where the Apple bad bots man’s this an Apple issue


So disappointed with Google in recent years


….isn’t it just waste? Why “e-waste”? …


Meanwhile apple has been making their new devices more repairable.

How the tables have turned.


They can supposedly create ground breaking AI but they can’t fix a fucking watch? Fuck you, ya bunch of greedy assholes.

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