Google won’t honor medical leave during its layoffs, outraging employees | Ex-Googler says she was laid off from her hospital bed shortly after giving birth.

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Hopefully no one thinks Google is anything special anymore


Why are we still surprised everytime Big Tech pulls shit like this? They are big enough now to have all the incentives to behave like the rest of Corporate America. This is the new normal.


They really did get rid of the ‘Do No Evil’ business culture.


Gotta love all yall harping on google or whatever company.

Tying your healthcare/leave to employment is the problem.

Universal healthcare! Vote for any candidate supporting it.


Wow you guys have really shit labour law.


Well money won’t save itself – CNBC


This isn’t just a Google thing. I was furloughed due to covid. All my benefits were canceled after 30 days. I looked into it on all the dot gov sites and it’s just the normal practice of the US workforce. I was technically still considered an employee and would’ve eventually been reinstate and all benefits would resume shortly after returning to work but it was a sign that it was time to look elsewhere.


It’s a business and everyone should know that the “We are a big family” and other fake “we care for each other” team mottos are only true as long as you are profitable.

That beeing said, Google are scumbags for doing it the way they do.


I’m sure they’re legally allowed to do this because our government’s response to corporate legislation is “suck dick harder than Riley Reid”, but that’s really fucked up


I mean she gets a minimum of 6 months fully paid severance including health benefits plus a ton of other perks thrown in. I don’t think any of these ppl are suffering.


Sorry but why would they?


They forgot to mention the layoff came with big package which pays for multiple months of salary


I dont get the issue here… was medical leave supposed to be safe haven? You can layoff anyone unless they are on leave? That would be pretty unfair…

Now if everyone laid off was on leave, that would also be unfair.


Title appears to be misleading.

It appears people are being laid off during other leaves. Maternity, caregivers, etc. These leaves, as much as we may respect them, are not medical leave.

The letter in the article asks for these leaves to be respected. And the article seems to indicate the example person was laid off after their medical leave (to give birth) ended and her maternity leave started.

It’d be good for Google to respect these leaves.

It’d also be nice for the article authors to get the headline straight.


I’m confused about why anyone thought someone on leave would be protected from layoffs. If the goal is to cut costs, why would they continue paying for people that aren’t working? The healthcare thing is separate and a reminder that we need to change our system. Not another excuse for people to cry about how evil Google is.


Google — Be Evil.


It would be a lawsuit if they did honor medical leave. Layoffs occur due to certain orgs or business functions no longer being feasible. So when you eliminate these teams it needs to happen indiscriminately, whether you are on leave or not, otherwise it isn’t fair to the other employees.


Google – “Be evil”


~~Don’t~~ Be Evil


This is the way. If only Americans understood the power of their vote and the real issues American citizens face. Instead the dumbest of dumb support the richest of rich. Ah well…


And they wonder why no one wants to work anymore, weird.


Fuck google


Remember when everyone would brag about working for Google, with their smug entitlement and insipid Tik Toks fueled by vain mediocrity?Pepperidge farms remembers.


Weird my wife’s medical leave for pregnancy ended shortly after giving birth last night and became maternity leave… Disingenuous article…


I don’t get why they would keep paying you if you don’t work there. I mean would it be a nice thing to do, sure. But it just seems like a weird expectation.

Like they aren’t even going to pay you to work, why would they pay you to not work.


Don’t be evil?


Use Duck Duck Go.


Some of the richest companies in the world acting like they are broke.


Sick and greedy people. One of America’s richest companies being a parsimonious mother fucker at the expense of the people that helped build the business.


~~Don’t be evil~~


If these hard times have shown me anything, is that nothing is guaranteed and even if you have ex-Google, ex-Meta, ex-Amazon in your experience … you can still end up being used and abused by corporate greed. So look for a company that values you, where you are not just a number…


Google shed their “don’t be evil” mantra a long time ago. Now, they run the company as if they were a horny teenager. Impulsive, non-committal, and fucking unpredictable. Fuck Google.


Sundar Pichai was the worst thing to happen to Google.


Dystopian, Silicon Valley office jockey work is perfect for unionization. How it haven’t happened yet is a testimony to the capitalist propaganda machine has brain washed Americans.


*they seem to have taken a page out of Elon Musk’s book (1rst they lift the Trump ban, now this)


Over paid tech assholes slowly realizing they’re just as expendable as anyone else, now maybe just maybe having to live within their means

And many of them couldn’t be bothered to care about anything lefty like, oh idk, not TRYING healthcare to employment.

Or workers rights despite constant evidence of price fixing and hiring agreements between companies to keep wages pegged.

Class solidarity folks. If you’re not a capital owner, you’re not one of them. Get it through your heads


They should google ‘cobra’.


*Remind me…what’s our motto again?”*

*”Uhhh, don’t be evil?”*

*”Yeah, screw that.”*


She got the same severance as anyone else, no surprise she didn’t get employee benefits if she’s no longer an employee. Google isn’t and shouldn’t be obligated to pay out all of leave if they are no longer employed


any white collar worker in google was literally the 1% in terms of income

im not gonna shed tears on someone earning 6 figure income and who got google on his/her resume that enable them get another easy peazy job.



That sounds hella illegal… someone please confirm?


And just like that Google became the old IBM


Investor profits enters chat


Haha, it just a JOB and they don’t owe us shit. Unless it is government mandated.


Dont just comment, delete atleast 1 alphabet app. So long google maps


Why would you work for a company that voluntarily changes a company saying that said “don’t be evil”.


Are we focusing on the exception, or the rule?

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