Google’s search defaults prey on power of habit, expert says in antitrust trial

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At this point, will any of this matter? Say we get to choose at startup the default browser & search, how many users (that don’t know they can already change / customize things) will actually do it vs stick to what they already know? It hard to legislate against human laziness. Not sure if all of this legal stuff will actually result in positive changes for the end user and “even the playing field ” like small players hope for or is just performative to show citizens that regulating bodies have a purpose and do things occasionally. I’m on the fence


No shit you dumb fucks, that’s the entire premise of a good UX and products users want to engage with. Habit is everything, and for good reason because I want a stable, steady experience, not a crapshoot every time I try to look things up.

What even is this goddamn nonsense? People willingly give up private data to make it easier for services to estimate what their users want, preying my raw asshole.


So does Proctor and Gamble. And every other brand that people develop habits around.


I would love DuckDuckGo as the default search engine. I use it in mobile as my search engine and I don’t feel like I’m losing out.

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