Halving question.

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There are no guarantees in Bitcoin. DCA and carry on.


I don’t know if price will shoot up, nobody can predict the future. I know that if I own bitcoin, I own the only truly scarce asset to ever exist. That is all I need to know


if you’re in it for the price of bitcoin – just DCA and hope for the best.

The tech and it not being able to be spoofed is what makes bitcoin an amazing technology.


What you should know is that right now we are all “fighting” for ~900 BTC that are mined every day. What you think is gonna happen those BTC are cut to ~400?


Guaranteed, no.

But it’s more or less basic Supply and Demand. When the constant supply decreases, if demand stays the same then that will causing price bidding to go up. Demand may change due to market manipulation by large entities. I’m personally anticipating a rise in price due to that and FOMO and the timing of macro conditions. How long and far who knows.


yes the ceo stated ” Bitcoin always goes up”


We need a r/NumberGoUp group.


Nothing is guaranteed. This will be the most known halving, ever. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s ‘priced in’ but it be the most anticipated since its inception.

And it will come during the most challenging macroeconomic conditions Bitcoin’s ever experienced. It’s highly likely the Fed will still keep interest rates elevated as their consensus is not to cut well into 2024.

But the ETF news could be positive come then. Or it could be negative. Nobody knows.

History shows the then all time high is broken within 6 months of the halving. The problem being there’s too few data points to truly call it a trend, but for now it’s all we’ve got.


The flow (supply increase rate) of Bitcoin will be cut in half. Real (convicted) Bitcoin demand is and has been slowly and steadily increasing over the past 15 years. Nobody can predict near-term price action, but there are very real economic principles that provide certainty regarding the long-term increase in price of an asset whose demand outpaces its supply.


No guarantee, especially in light of macro factors and the fact that people are increasingly pricing in and front running their BTC purchases. Expect the unexpected is all I will say (that and DCA).




Absolutely not. Judging by the past cycles it will actually dip just after the halving for a short time. I imagine this is due to people thinking it will skyrocket but in reality t does nothing. The real bull run in the last cycles started around the beginning of the 2nd year, so it will rise in 2025 but there is no way to predict exactly when it will peak and what the price will be as there is a human factor playing a role. How many people will buy btc at what price and sell at what price?…this cannot he predicted as anything can happen in a short period. I could be wrong and it could skyrocket because people just randomly start putting their money into btc and never sell. There is just no way to truly now what will exactly happen. We can look at previous cycles and see how the price changes through them and make an educated guess as to what will happen. This is actually working well for me.


No, and it probably won’t straight away


Definitely no guarantee.

But my guess is that it will top out at just over $100k some time in 2025. Then rumble back down to spend the next three years at about $45k.


Nothing in Bitcoin is guaranteed, except the protocol, the fixed supply, and the fact it will probably outlive all of us.


There is one absolute certainty in investing, and that is that there are no certainties in investing






Oh come on guys, everyone just talks in riddles.

A guess won’t hurt. I say my middle number is 120k top in this cycle (2025). If being bearish 80k, if being bullish 190k.

Now time will show. 🙂


A lot


According to “Economics”, all other things being equal, yes, it is guaranteed to go up. But Economics is a lot of bullshit.


Yes it will shoot up. Otherwise we go straight to $3k and the supercycle is over.


I front run! I front run! but I can’t make price moving.. ☹️


Not before the people fighting its adoption spend billions in taxpayer funds to crash its value in an attempt cushion the supply shock




Yes, It’s guaranteed that it will shoot up… but also guaranteed that it will shoot down


If it doesn’t shoot up, a lot of miners will have to shut down because it doesn’t become profitable. So it either does or the network will get smaller. Worth the risk is up to you

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