Help with Full Node and Sparrow please!!

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Hehehe. He said “a pulsing green slider bar trying to connect endlessly.”

Sorry! No self-control.


Unless you couldn’t spare the drive space, I would suggest you either run Electrs or Fulcrum and connect Sparrow (or Electrum) to your full node’s Electrs/Fulcrum


People will be more inclined to help you if you park the frustration / attitude.

The people who will help you aren’t paid employees of some company you’ve purchased a product from.

The things you’re trying to do are based around advanced concepts.

You benefit from these technologies by first investing the time and effort required to learn how to use them.
All that said, are you running Bitcoin Core + Sparrow from the same machine?

Are you attempting to connect over Tor?




I know it sounds simple but have you checked your config file in bitcoin core?
Do you have *server=1* in there? If not add it in.
You can also google search how to use sparrow with bitcoin core and sparrow actually have good guides.

Also. As for redownloading the chain, you can just copy paste the data folder to a new location and direct bitcoin core to it. A lot faster than redownloading. If you delete or move the data folder and reboot bitcoin core it asks where the data folder is and you just select the folder.


>I’m NOT a software engineer or coder, but I shouldn’t HAVE to be – THAT is the f’n point. If we expect Bitcoin to be decentralized and hardened against attacks from nation state actors or anything else, we need as many people running full nodes as possible.

You already said you’ve been running a node for years. As a non-coder. So obviously running a node isn’t as difficult as you’re now pretending it is.

But now you’re trying to change your setup, doing something wrong, and suddenly it’s a problem for Bitcoin adoption that it’s too difficult to run a node?

Maybe you’re making it more complicated than it has to be. Maybe just stick with your prior configuration that apparently was easy enough for you to figure out years ago.

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