Hi to everyone, I’m finding different opinions about protonmail, is it good or not?

I am searching for an email provider that will keep me anonymous and secure. I came across Protomail, but there are mixed reviews about it. Some people say it is reliable, while others claim that it provides user information to Swiss authorities. I read an article about someone who was using their services and got arrested for something. If Protomail is trustworthy, I would also consider using ProtonVPN. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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They cooperate with LE


Just search Reddit for them banning people’s accounts for no reason. Don’t use them


They offer an onion url, so they don’t have much info on you. Of course any non-encrypted communication should be considered compromised. Since it requires javascript it’s possible they send some exploit to the browser if forced to by authorities. Of the clearnet email providers it is probably the best tho.


Use Signal


It’s good. And they have onion address if I’m not mistaken.

But remember:
Any company that runz business to provide services and that receives a judge request from the country where the company is registered will hand over info they have to the authorities. Remember, they run a business.


It’s ok I just wouldn’t trust there encryption services with sensitive information. Use your own


I’m a fan of danwin

Alternatively Sonar is also pretty slick however I don’t believe it has email support I could be wrong was looking at the api would be nice to have more alternative.

But for email danwin has pretty much everything you would need. Don’t forget to donate if you like the service :)?




You act like there’s another alternative


Use mailfence
Protonmail is not secure the cop can open my mails with protonmail but mailfence no

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