Hot tip: start a YT show like Altcoin Daily but for Bitcoin only…

If you’re looking for a concise and comprehensive summary of the latest news on Bitcoin, there’s no better way than a daily news show. This show would provide viewers with a quick and easy way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency. With its short and sweet format, it would be sure to attract plenty of subscribers in no time.

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Altcoin daily is a terrible channel. A couple weeks ago he was already saying the “bear is over” and “this are my 100x tokens”. Typical shiller


**TICK TOCK NEXT BLOCK** is a boring headline.

So is the Financial News: 1 BTC = 1 BTC.


There is a daily YT show, Simply Bitcoin, its a little rough around the edges, the hosts are a little preachy. I’m thinking more of a show like the CNBC channel, but done from a Bitcoin perspective. You would cover the days headlines just like CNBC, but the talking heads would speak to it from a hard money perspective. I.e. discuss the recent bank runs and how in a Bitcoin world this would never happen, can’t happen, and how.


There is, Blocktrainer.
But its in german only. Dont know how well auto subtitles work for you.


Simply bitcoin?

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