How long will this transaction take???

I transferred my funds from my Electrum wallet to a store wallet, but the fee for the transaction was very high (40%). To save money, I sent the funds with a much lower fee, but it has been more than a week and a half and the transaction is still not confirmed.

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Try to cancel it (Double send it, to a different wallet that you own, with a higher fee this time) if you can.

Then, just exchange it for monero. And send that to wherever you’re trying to send it. Hardly any fees whatsoever.


Over a week doesn’t sound good. I’ve literally never had It take more than like 3 hours


Do not use BTC.

Monero only.


The BTC network is extremely congested. You should have used Monero.


Holy crap – 40%??? Something ain’t right bro…


maybe check the transaction ID to see where it is in the list of priority to be confirmed. You may be able to increase the fee (depending on the software) or you can send the same coins again with a higher fee and then the lower fee transaction will not go through because the coins are already sent with the higher fee.

In the future, reference a block explorer (like mempool dot space) to see what the current fee demand is when setting your fee.


Yeah. I’m still getting $10 fees, even with a low amount. I’m probably doing too many steps (buy from one wallet/exchange to xmr then transfer the xmr to my other wallet and then to transfer to end place). I’ve read you can just convert LTC to XMR once, and you’re good. Not sure how I feel about it.

The only time it took longer than 20m to an hour was when I first started. I was too excited and too fast with what I was doing. And I’ve done a lotttttt of research since then. It isn’t like 2012. Much much much easier back then. But I dropped out and only recently came back. I educated myself how tor dot taxi is the way to do. I used duck fucking duck go (away) and got phished. Didn’t lose much, but it was a lesson learned to research, take my time, and always verify links.

I’m still learning. PGP set up. It confuses the shit out of me. I’ll research when I have the time to set it up. I know I can. It just takes a lot of patience.

But a week? Imma say it doesn’t look good.


Where in the world did you get this btc. 40% miner fee unheard of even at the busiest times on the network.

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