how safe is using tor on windows 10 if you are just ordering small amounts of substances for personal use? is a simple linux distro on virtualbox an option? what privacy measures can i take?

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Well, 90% of people who get caught are due to the post office or customs doing a random check and then alerting the police. It is the physical part of the process that is dangerous or if a vendor keeps records of his customers/adresses and happily hands them over once busted.


just encrypt your info and use tails. You’ll be perfectly safe if the vendor has good stealth


Dude if your in the US or UK, and its small amounts literally no one gives a shit. Maybe some hyped up prosecutor in a state where everything is illegal, but if you don’t sign there is jack shit they can do. Read Greenberg’s book for a good idea of what the cops do.


Worry not. And use your own name.


Use OPSEC for all order and PGP !


Just use tails.

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