How Social Media Platforms Can Engage On Fighting Disinformation

Social media platforms have a major role to play in combating the spread of disinformation. By implementing strategies such as fact-checking, content moderation, and algorithmic changes, these platforms can help to reduce the amount of false information that is shared online. Additionally, they can provide users with educational resources to help them identify and avoid false information. Finally, social media platforms can work with governments and other organizations to develop campaigns that raise awareness about the dangers of disinformation and how to combat it. By taking these steps, social media platforms can help to create a safer and more informed online environment.

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There are lots of articles like this which miss the big problem: online social media platforms may not have an *incentive* to do this because misinformation generates more engagement and engagement = money.


They could… but would they want to lose out on profits they could earn by “not fighting disinformation”?


First you have to make the fines for Promoting Disinformation much higher than the profits from same.

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