How to “clean” your BTC if you have purchased KYC?

Hey everyone. I’ve only used Coinbase in the past, but I’d like to own my BTC anonymously. I know you can purchase non-KYC from DEX’s but how do I clean my Bitcoin that I’ve already purchased through Coinbase? Do I need a new wallet or what do I do?


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This dirty BTC you talk about. They’re in the room right now?


Send it to me and I’ll send you 2x back.



Just spend your bitcoin directly when the time comes.


Spray your ledger or trezor with windex, wipe repeat


Hey OP,Many stupid answers from random shitcoiners here.Use conjoin or wasabi to mix your coins, then send them back to a new address (controlled by you).If you use ledger live or connect to a public node, use a VPN.
Also, move these to LN and send them back.


Put them in lightning and than back to onchain


Better Call Saul!


mix your coins with samourai whirlpool

go follow @odell on twitter, he has privacy guides


Sounds like you stole some btc, and don’t know how to clean it lol. 😂😂😂😂


Wasabi Wallet has a built-in CoinJoin feature. It comes at a cost, but getting strong anonymity isn’t that expensive, tbh.

There is a “Dex-like” coinJoin protocol called JoinMarket, but be careful. I’ve never used it, and when I was previously researching this topic I found JoinMarket to be fairly technical.


We all want that clean Bitcoin we can take to family functions. Trust me though – keep a little dirty Bitcoin.


You bought bitcoin with your personal information. You can’t eliminate that by coinjoin. You can give yourself spending privacy but the purchase from coinbase doesn’t go away.




Transfer your bitcoin to an exchange that does not collaborate with your country and doesn’t need kyc, then from that exchange transfer it to your hardware wallet. The only way to know it’s your is if that exchange tells them, but since that exhange doesn’t tell anything to your country, you’re safe.


Wasabi wallet coinjoins


There’s something I don’t understand, please help me clarifying:

Scenario A, Bob buys KYC-sats 20+ times in a year and withdraw to cold wallet in 4 transaction, each time his ledger create a new address. Now there are 4 addresses each with some sats (es, 0.30 BTC, 0.10 BTC, 0.05 BTC, 0.15 BTC)

Scenario B, Bob buys KYC-sats 20+ times in a year and **spend**s his coin in 4 P2P transactions, sending sats to 4 different addresses. Now there are 4 addresses each with some sats (es, 0.30 BTC, 0.10 BTC, 0.05 BTC, 0.15 BTC)

How can the government know what scenario is real, other than asking Bob? My understanding is that, as long as the Bitcoin from the 4 receiving address don’t go back to an exchange, they are totally non-KYC Bitcoin. Correct?


All my bitcoin goes through Phoenix lightning wallet so I guess it would be pretty hard to trace in any way?

I don’t do it for privacy, it’s just the easiest way for me. When I have enough on an exchange that I start to get sweaty, I send it straight to phoenix. Then every so often I empty my phoenix wallet into my cold storage. Simple.


Sparrow wallet is phenomenal and has whirlpool support built in.


Hey SBF welcome to this sub , Now FO you twit.


Samourai wallet coinjoins with multiple hops after coinjoining.
Lots of good YouTube tutorials on how to do this.


Why is everyone so afraid of kyc? Can anyone explain please?


Sell it and rebuy non-kyc


“We got him” -CIA AGENT


I love sparrow wallet, it has an easy to use interface and whirlpool function is great to break history to help prevent chain surveillance


To be fair you all mock. But my coinbase account was frozen months ago for erm what I can only assume was casual to moderate recreational purchases of mail order substances.

Worth it!!


The word you are looking for is “launder”


Rub it with a tissue, should come right off.


1. Transfer ur coinbase btc to an address1 in a separate non-kyc wallet
2. Create a new btc address2 in another non-kyc wallet
3. Transfer ur btc from ur dirty kyc address1 to the new address2
4. Report the transfer as a sale to address2 on your tax return

Edit: clarified further adding step1


There is some complicated swaps you can make i believe but better just sell it and buy new.


You have to mine it


Nice to have bought BTC well before KYC… 🙂


you misspelled “how can I launder money”


Oops lost it in a boating accident

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