How to get bitcoin when card are blocked and p2p platforms are illegal in one’s own country

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Try starting a group for []( Check and see if there were trades in your country.


Isn’t it obvious yet that you need to cultivate sources other than fiat banking cartel franchises?

If this were about cigarettes, we would all have this figured out by now.


That something is illegal does not mean it is immoral, bad, wrong, or has any kind of negative connotation. Illegal means purely that some random person said it is illegal.

So go illegal and be careful while doing it because that random guy and people around him are dangerous motherfuckers. But fuck them,




What country?

There must be people there who want to sell their now blocked Bitcoin- probably at a substantial discount!

You dont have any friends who already have Bitcoin who will sell Bitcoin to you?


“Hey (coworker/friend/associate) do you have some Bitcoin? Can I buy some from you? Awesome, thanks!”

It’s not rocket science guys, I know redditors can be lacking in social skills but it’s pretty basic stuff.


Are you allowed to send fiat money freely? If not, then the gov can and will control you.


There is a slightly underground option with []( , but I only go with the guy called SAGE on there, usually on page 3, he’s been the fastest for me. He also has one of the lowest fees, and the platform doesn’t charge any fees either

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