I don’t know what to believe in anymore. I’ve heard a lot about Contabo canceling servers without warning if its IP address gets a DMCA notification. But they say I can run a Tor exit, and in case of any abuse, we will work out a solution. But their “solution” is cancellation of the server?

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Why do you expect everybody to know what *”Contabo”* is ?


But I checked their AS number in Tor metrics, and there are only 4 exit relays out of 35 or so. Have you had any experience with Contabo handling abuse?


You know you can control which ports your Exit Node will support, right?

So only support 53,80, and 443.


If you are looking for a new Tor hoster, I have made good experiences with Hetzner. They professionally handle all abuse reports and if the server was blocked during the process, it was always very quickly unblocked again after I provided my abuse statement.


Ive had great luck with frantrch buyvm.

He doesnt give af. The sell out fast first come first serve i believe tuesday am but i can double check if your interested.

Very inexpensive unlimited bandwidth. .
Fransisco and gang are great

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