I got Hacked and lost over 300K Today

#Hacked #lost #300K #Today

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Very sorry for your loss.
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Both IP addresses are Tor exit nodes, meaning it will be quite difficult to track the hacker from just IP data.

So far the wallets he used to transfer your assets are showing no transaction history with any exchanges.

Wallet he sent moons to:
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Rocketpool withdrawal address:
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Due to the use of Tor and fresh wallets, this is going to be quite difficult to resolve. Ideally we want this guy to transact with a KYC exchange so that authorities can request his details.

As others have mentioned, you should open a case with your local FBI office.

In the meantime, the best we can do is monitor those addresses for any movement.
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^ that will send alerts to my Telegram account when there is new activity on his wallets.


Holy shit. I came across your 83580.59 Moons transaction on *ccmoons* website today and thought looks like some whales are moving their Moons around.


You stored that in Evernote? Holy cow.


I mostly just lurk on this sub but I gotta say there are some really fucking smart people here.


There is one thing I noticed about this:

Your [moons](https://nova.arbiscan.io/tx/0x60dee968cfaffb006935e74bcbaf50633987b47389574551ae0bed164acc93d3) were taken at 09:29:45 PM UTC, while your [ETH](https://etherscan.io/tx/0xeb36559b8e5b1a2058cbcffba72f1dda9f659b874b4ac3cddbc9741b9f67c4db) was taken at 09:37:47 PM UTC.

This is no natural order a hacker would go, no matter if he did it manually (by restoring it by hand) or using a script to take it automatically. In any case he would stumble over the ETH first.

You have to consider the hacker knew what wallet he was getting before he found your seed. **There is at least a chance this was a targeted hack and not just a random one.** Was anyone aware of you owning a bunch of moons and ALSO knowing your seed might be not well stored?


Definitely contact the authorities. They can trace a wallet to a CEX and issue a request to freeze assets


Im a noob so i will not give any advice..

Sorry for your loss.


There have been scam/extortion cases when the FBI was able to recover a good chunk of the assets. Contact them, it’s not hopeless.


Jesus Christ…I’m sorry for you man. Really sorry.
I’ve used Evernote years ago but not anymore and for the last 2 months, I’ve been getting emails from password changes requests.

Luckly i got nothing important there.

Again, I’m so sorry for your losses if this is true.


Wait how did he know to hack your Evernote.
Is it through phishing?


This breaks my heart to see a crypto bro take a loss like this. Was it a big part of your net worth?

Please don’t do anything drastic and know that you can make back money.

Scammers deserve a special place in hell.


I’m very sorry for what happened to you but at the same time… EVERNOTE? Really?

I mean you never should store seed phrases on any digital device and if I would like to say “ok, at least it was on bitwarden” or anything like this but EVERNOTE?

And with that amount of money? Your post hurts in every way possible x.x


I’d hire a crypto bounty hunter if I were you to see if there’s some way they can assist in tracking whoever stole your money. Sorry this happened to you dude, I hope you can recover something back even if it’s just a fraction of the funds. Most importantly, please don’t do anything rash due to emotion! There’s more to life than losing money.

Edit: u/Queasy_Length_1016 is someone that occasionally posts in the sub and assists in recovery. I advised OP to check him out and linked a post of his below.


Again: not hacked, but phished (essentially scammed) and due to bad opsec you lost your funds.

Login logs are worthless probably just Tor nodes or a vpn
If he used a vpn it highly depends on which vpn because some do cooperate with law enforcement.

Go to the police and pray. But my guess is unless you’re rich or famous and have so e sort of influence it’s gone.


I am sorry for your loss but WTF do you store your seed phrase in a cloud storage?
That is an invitation for desaster.

I won’t even store that phrase on my local PC or smartphone. The seed phrase is NEVER entered anywhere except on my hardware wallet during initialization.


Holy shit 300k is a considerable amount.

So that hacker was responsible for the recent Moons mini dump, huh? Fuck him.

You could contact to police, although I’m sure they won’t do much, if anything at all. My condolences friend.


Contract the FBI asap. Major exchanges will not cooperate with you unless you report to the authorities first.


Make sure the hacker cannot withdraw the money. Once your money touches a CEX, he’s done.


I’ve been involved in the crypto space for years and still have little understanding of the specifics of this, which is really not a good sign. I don’t feel secure enough to hold a significant amount of money in crypto because of these reasons, and I’m sure a major portion of the population feels the same. Instead of calling us idiots, it would be a lot more productive and beneficial for the entire crypto space if they would provide a lot more security and make it easier to understand, or at least do a much better job communicating the process.



I stored all my account passwords and every single crypto related login on Evernote. One day I think I might have clicked on some phishing link in an email. Later I saw my mouse suddenly moving around for a bit on my screen without me doing anything and I thought maybe the bluetooth to my Mac mouse was acting up. A few days later my entire MetaMask was drained. I went to etherscan and to track my transaction and saw how it all went out to the same address.


I “only” lost about 5-6k, so that’s peanuts compared to yours.

There’s nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.


One thing I’m doing today is to have 2FA to my Google Authenticator app on my phone. And then instead of using the same password I auto-generate a 60+ character long password for each platform with LassPass, Bitwarden or any Password manager. The longer and complicated your password the better.

And then I make sure to read the receiver’s email everytime I receive an email.


Unpopular opinion:

If you secure 300k in a fancy notepad i have no sympathy for you.

Now downvote after securing your wallet properly….


I’m glad I don’t know what any of this is. I’ve been personally blasted with fake Coinbase emails, ETH emails, “update your information “ emails of late too. It’s scary out here for sure.

Honestly for that amount I’d call the FBI, Interpol , everything. Sorry man that’s terrible.


Basicly your a noob with too much cash.

The old paper and pen is the best to store your seeds or metal seeds and store in a SAFE place that you own, in your home for example.

What can be done?
nothing, once crypto has been transferred its gone.

you Learned the lesson the hard way, now dont do the same mistakes, use hardware wallets, learn about crypyo security and store your seeds better.


This is absolutely heart wrenching. I’m so sorry for your loss OP. I can’t even imagine the feeling.

As others have said, contact your local authorities and a crypto bounty hunter. Monitor the addresses, for any movement, and in case it gets withdrawn to a KYCd exchange.

The next while will be hard, so remember to take care of yourself dude, you’re more important than ANY amount of money.


I’ve never used Evernote but I know it’s a note app similar to OneNote and Keep I’m assuming? And I’m also assuming those update your notes to the cloud and that is how the hacker got in ?


>Should I contact the FBI?

There is nothing that you or the FBI can do if you have a compromised Seed Phrase. Its his wallet now.

And yes, those are the wonders of self-custody.


Sorry for Your loss. Remeber, there is bull run ahead of us and if u made it once You can make it 2nd time. Fingers crossed for You


Welcome to the crypto world.


Shit that’s a fuck ton of money. I hope there’s some legal entity in your country that can help you catch the criminal at least. Also, if the person specifically hacked your Evernote account maybe they know that you store your seed phrase there. Try retracing your steps to where you might have spilled such info. I think it would help.


That sucks. Report it to the FBI but I am sure there is little they can do. Keep your head up. It’s just money and you will make more. Fuck Thieving hackers.


When are people.going to learn?


I’m sorry. Paper is the way


Damn. Sorry to hear Op


Just another furure of finance posts.


On another note, this is also your happiest post ever if it’s the first


Man and I thought people with more money than me were somehow smarter or something.

Yes, contact the police. If it doesn’t fall in their department hopefully they tell you so you can find the correct agency to call


What a moron lol.


I’m sorry this happened to you OP. Maybe a pricey lesson learned but still a lesson. I just hope it was money you can afford to have lost.


I dont know how you got hacked, but this is exactly why i am worried about my self, this is my biggest issue when it comes to crypto.. its getting hacked. I mean, you can be so carefull but yet get hacked somehow….
Sorry about your loss really..


Everyone is missing the point: don’t store your private keys on a cloud platform in the clear. Everyone is feeling for OP, but they seem to have missed this crucial point


I had a friend lose a similar amount. Contact fbi asap and make a police report. Someone from ss will contact you and recover any funds that hit exchange accounts via legal subpoenas.


Enjoy its decentralized future of finance !


Dicks out for OP.
Que descanse en paz

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