I think we are seeing something historic

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The fiat ship is sinking.

Bitcoin is solid ground.


I’ve read many posts like this recently, but you have captured the tension between inflation and default better than most. Good job OP 👍🏻


Yellen is an idiot, and she sounds like an idiot, which is making people realize we’re no better off than 2008.

Her testifying is an hour long advertisement for BTC.


its nice to see math and logic…… executing its plan.

brutal path…. on its way lie the fiat kings and queens.


> raise rates and banks collapse because they hold long-term bonds with much lower rates that they can’t liquidate without massive losses. Lower rates and print money, and hyperinflation consumes every crumb of economic output.

They have to choose the 2nd option. Banking system failure is USD failure. But, more printing = less USD credibility. Bitcoin to the moon… because USD to hades. Don’t cash out much until hades.


People are starting to realize that it’s already too late for our financial system. In my opinion, the tipping point was passed many years ago. Now it’s just a matter of managing the curve as we move closer to zero. The Fed (and other central banks) can slow it down by printing money, pointing fingers and getting us into more wars, but the ship has a catastrophic hole in it and will soon rest on the bottom of the ocean.


well, it does solve existing problems. its just not being used by institutions yet 😂

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