i want to know the real uses of dark web.

I am aware that the dark net is often used for illegal activities such as illegal pornography, drugs, weapons, kidnappings, and murders. However, I am unsure of what other uses the dark net has for everyday people. I am also having difficulty navigating through the dark net. Can someone please provide me with assistance?

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Freedom of the press


I think the best analogy is:

* **What are the real uses for `https`.**

The dark web provides the exact same protections as https — stopping unwanted parties from spying on your communication.

The main difference is that https is a half-measure that pretty much allows large parties (anyone who can send a court order to a certificate authority and/or an ISP on either end) to eavesdrop, and lets every computer along the way see who is communicating with whom; while tor attempts to prevent that.


your question, rephrased: “how do I find an application for this tool?”

Generally you want to flip that around and find the right tool for your desired task.

If you were someone living in a country that broadly censors the internet or wished to access information that western governments attempt to remove, such as classified leaks, then the darknet would be very useful to you. Or if your freedom depended on your online activities remaining private. If you don’t have a compelling use, then it’s just a bunch of extra hassle for no appreciable benefit.

If you’re merely curious, most people use the darknet for drugs or privacy.


Beyond Freedom of the Press, it’s also really good for dropboxes.

Our governments and many news organizations have official nodes where you can whistleblow, submit evidence, report shit, etc.

It’s also used by some intelligence agencies to allow undercover agents to report in and receive information. One of the reasons it even exists in the first place as a public area is so that all the rest of this traffic – including the nefarious – can provide cover and help make it harder for the official clandestine traffic to get swooped on.

It also functions as a sort of decentralized backdoor to a lot of places and helps people deal with censorship in countries like China.


Access to Millions of Book and research paper and government leaks


This is like asking “what’s the real use of a knife?”

It’s different for everyone, some people might get it to stab someone in the throat well there’s me use a knife to cut an apple, and still a butcher will use and I have to cut me.

The use case is as varied as the users. In regards to the Darknet, there are fewer use cases but the same methodology applies.


I use the darkweb to do my laundry. I don’t know what you be talkin bout.


Turn on night mode… It’s sick


Can allow users to anonymously browse sites blocked by government firewalls.


Where else can you order midget gnomes?


I can send you some free samples so you can party next week. Hit me up.


Those darkest reaches of the dark net you won’t ever be able to reach, and be thankful for that.


Isn’t the library of congress on there?




I am curious about the dark web and deep web. My curiosity often gets the better of me on stuff like this too. However,from what I gather the risk versus reward is too great? From what I gather it’s a sleaze hole for all kinds of dirty nonces broadcasting they’re illicit scumbag behaviour. I don’t think I could cope with anything that can’t be unseen so based on that. Ill just keep in the loop via Reddit 😂

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