I’m a reformed shitcoin degenerate, and over the last few months I came to realize that Bitcoin is king.

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Welcome. Most if not all of us have completed your journey. Glad to have you.


Welcome home


The first step to solving a problem is realizing you have one


We all come around eventually and very few can see the truth from the very beginning. I was caught up in the shit coins of 2014; the dates and shit coin names change but the lesson stays the same; there can be only one.


and all it took was for the sec to basically infer and declare that bitcoin is king and shitcoins are scams. better late than never.

or was it something else that convinced you? i bet i’m not the only one who would sincerely appreciate hearing how you map your evolution in thought.


This is the way.


Welcome home king, the journey was long and arduous, rest for now but there will be more work ahead. Enjoy your peace and when you’re ready come help build the citadel


Trying to find something better than Bitcoin is like trying to out pizza the hut, it can’t be done


Welcome aboard everyone will buy bitcoin at the price they deserve




Ser, this is a decentralized monetary network.


Better late than never? 🤷🏻‍♂️


>I’ve evolved into a proud Bitcoin maximalist, and it feels good.

Once you [understand money](https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1124cxd/bitcoin_wont_beat_fiat_as_a_medium_of_exchange/j8itipz/), it’s impossible not to become a bitcoin maximalist.

Now that you’ve taken self custody, consider [running a node](https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/zzraj0/comment/j2njt2a/) and [Lightning node](https://twitter.com/RandomJoeT/status/1629574457516802048) (very inexpensive to do), then a home miner if you can. If you can code, [contribute to development](https://twitter.com/summerofbitcoin/status/1584910670814142465) and get paid through grants and sponsors.

Bitcoin is not an investment, no one ever sold it to you. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s an open protocol built upon [40 years of research](https://medium.com/coinmonks/exploring-bitcoins-history-ecbf1c59952c) to fix money by removing trust in humans and released to the world for free. It’s an entirely new monetary system built from the ground up by us, literally random people on the internet voluntarily supporting, securing and developing it. There’s no company, foundation, premine, ICO, VCs, licenses, trademarks, branding or marketing teams, official website, code repo or even a formal specification. Bitcoin started from zero, and against all odds became a viable alternative to the legacy system through voluntary grassroots adoption.

!lntip 1000 (1 hayek)

>The only good use of an alt is to use it to obtain even more BTC than would otherwise be possible

This is counter-productive if you really think about it and it’s a multipolar trap. You’re gambling on counterfeit money recreating problems that bitcoin solved, looking to dump them on someone else, in the process confusing, distracting and ruining people’s lives and delaying the adoption of bitcoin. You’re also signalling that any random premine, ICO coin could have value, diminishing in the eyes of the average person the true value of bitcoin. Bitcoin would be so much further ahead without the [noise and scam](https://twitter.com/rusty_twit/status/1296596310921900034) negative feedback loop. Scammers can only thrive in an environment where they are encouraged by gamblers willing to roll the dice.


Last crypto bull run i had many altcoins and no bitcoin at all, well it didnt went wrong but i still see it quite stupid now. This time i am almost 100% in bitcoin only.


>I have one alt left that I expect huge returns from over the next few months


>I’ve evolved into a proud Bitcoin maximalist

No, you have not evolved into a maximalist.


Which alt are you exoebig tings from?


Sounds like you’re still a shitcoiner.


Would that last alt happen to be Link?


I’m into Bitcoin the most but I also hold dogebonk on the altcoin side. Some decently secure low-cap gambling is never a bad imo.


No shame in this at all.


Congratulations on your evolution. It takes great deal of humility and self awareness to get through the shitcoin phase. It’s no small feat.

Time to set some accumulation goals and start stacking.

Welcome to the party.


Better now, then never. You can still own others but most of your stash should be something less volitile.


Glad to hear you’re cured amigo. 💪


Welcome buddy. There’s Bitcoin and everything else is shitcoin, that includes Fedcoin the biggest pile of crap out there


I’m starting to also be a BTC Maxi. Honestly other crypto does different things but it’s way too complex, involves much more added risk for not much gain and isn’t necessary for what I personally use crypto for. Bitcoin is simple, safe and secure. That’s all I need.


Bitcoin, the one and only. One of the most important things about Bitcoin is that its anonymous, not only its network, but also its creator. There is no one to blackmail to make him fall. It does not have a face behind it, like other networks or projects


You and me both brother. We both found the light and found or way back home!




>”Bitcoin is #1 cryptocurrency.
>Number two? There is no #2!”
>—Michael Saylor


One of us!


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Alts though having them as your main bag isn’t a great idea. Having 80% Btc and then screwing around a bit in Alts is okay as long as you can afford to lose it. Totally on the same page though.

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