I’m thinking of participating in onionshare mobile. Thoughts?

I read today that onionshare mobile is in beta. I think it’s a cool idea and want to participate. Maybe help make it better. Any thought? Warnings? Do’s and do nots? This may be obvious but I feel I must express I am not interested in illegal activities. I just like reading, exploring and learning.

#thinking #participating #onionshare #mobile #Thoughts

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I’m considering hosting an onionshare service (or even securedrop) when I get a home server even if I have no use for it just because I like exploring too. I think you’re ok.

Just be careful that most beta tests aren’t as secure as the finished apps


If you are not doing or facilitating anything illegal — go to town. Just keep in mind that if you are doing it on/in an Android or iOS phone you are being tracked regardless.

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