In March, the HEX community was angry at us for calling HEX a scam and said we were jealous for missing out on their gains – HEX is down 82% since then and down 97% from all time high

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Hex does have a use case, it provides Richard Heart with a rolex collection and the worlds largest diamond.


You can say it hexagone


Fun fact: HEX market cap loses $4 billion in a week


You fools stay poor, I’m buying the dip 🙃



HEX is a scam despite *everything* the bagholders and shills have to say about it and for years now I have been warning people to stay very far away from it.

Here is the thing that should stand out most compared to anything else. The website really emphasises how much money you can make. It has gone up 16,104x in price since its launch, you can get a 38% return per year, etc. That’s pretty much what their entire website says.

What other projects are doing this? – No – No – No – No – No – No – No

Notice how all these websites talk about the technology or project they are building?

[Now, behold the hex website…](

The hex website straight up throws it in your face about how much money you could be making. Right away, you could be getting x return if you buy our token! Then they make a huge mention of a …*diamond?* that Richard Heart purchased and renamed.

Then mentions how much hex used to cost and how much you could get 10k hex for, and how much the token cost now. They even throw in a sentence about how the token could have made you a millionaire if you purchased it a few years ago. Now if ***THAT*** isn’t a big yikes, I don’t know what is.

Then it shows a whole bunch of their advertisements, which yet again, *only* talk about the price movement of their token.

There is not a single mention of what they actually do. What is the project?? The furthest they go is a very small mention about half way down the page saying they are a “smart contract”. That’s it. No a single mention of what it does though, just what it is. And the best part of all, absolutely no mention of how they are generating these huge returns.

[On that last point, here is a small write up I did last year about projects that advertise high return rates, I wrote this after the Terra Luna drama.](

Bitconnect vibes all around.


My deepest condolences to that person who invested heavily in Luna and now Hex 😬


Btw I’m not saying Hexicans deserve it but they were always arrogant a**holes


Cries in Algo…


Remember Safemoon? The same story.


I don’t know what they were Hexpecting to be honest.


They hexed it


So glad i avoided Hex and went all in on Pulsechain instead 😂😂


I guess reversing r/ Crypto doesn’t always work out great either


But hex has better value then Btc. That’s what a hexican told me at least


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Nice compilation OP!


There’s still space to drop another 99% from here


Hex is a cult, just like Safemoon or other simmilar shitcoins. Anyone sane know it is a scam and left long ago. Only ones left are delusional gamblers that won’t chanye their minds.


They were spamming everywhere. Even on twitter I saw it non-stop.


Oh it’s it that time again?! When the people in the know explain why hex is a scam! I can’t believe there are people still invested in hex, the evidence is overwhelming!


In all fairness XRP is still 87% down from Ath 5 years ago.. stats arent all that fair.

That said, we all knew HEX was a scam. They downvote brigade and thats a surefire sign. Real projects stand up to scrutiny, not hide narratives by sad downvotes.


They should be angry at us because we exposed their whole scam


You’re just jealous because all the hexicans all cashed out at the top and are now going to all make billions on pulsechain. There’s definitely no way any of them are losing all their cash. Richard Heart is a genius and great to see he’s put his scamming ways behind him and won’t need to hide behind a false name again.


Almost every coin or token has a cult following these days, it’s insane


But to be fair, everyone with gains on their bag acts like this. They were just the next victims of it


HEX community sounding more and more like SFM community ngl


I’m sure some of them will stop buying Hex and learn to buy bitcoin because their mistakes led them to losing money and becoming btc maxi.


Im surprised that the HEXicans havent invaded by now with their downvote brigade


97%? Come on they can do much more than that, amateurs


They got Hex’ed, took more time than I thought it would but it happened.


I’ll put a spell on you

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