In red below is bitcoin miner electricity consumption, blue is the price of electricity. When the electricity price is low, miners hash. When the electricity price spikes, miners turn off. Demand-response reduces grid stress at peak times.


When electricity prices are low, Bitcoin miners take advantage of the opportunity to increase their hashing power. However, when electricity prices spike, miners are forced to turn off their machines in order to save money. Demand-response programs help to reduce the strain on the grid during peak times by incentivizing miners to reduce their electricity consumption.

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Who could have guessed that in an uncontrolled market, supply and demand are balanced by price.


It is almost like there is an Invisible Hand at work, compelling them to operate in their own self-interest for the benefit of society.


Also, they sell back pre purchased futures at the premium price. Large scale miners are making bank and giving vital capital to utility companies, thus making heat waves for example much more manageable for AC consumption

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