In the Google antitrust trial, defaults are everything and nobody likes Bing

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I only use Google, but at the same time this isn’t good for the trial.

We really need competitors out there for everything to prevent monopolies and quality degradation, and search engines shouldn’t be an exception to this rule.

A lot of people I know have been saying Google search results have been worse for them lately, and in my experience that has also been the case.


Any people willing to pay for a good search engine that doesnt track you, try Kagi, I have not looked back since I signed up.

I am a software engineer, and Google had become basically useless for me because

1. SO much AI generated blogspam on the first page of Google results

2. Google’s NLP bullshit dumbing my search down to what an average person might want. No. The stuff I am looking up at this point in my career is too specific for my search engine to play those games

I still Google on mobile for only food/coffee suggestion based stuff “food near me etc” but thats it


I like and prefer Bing

Added perk over the years is redeeming the accrued points for Xbox live subscriptions for the kids.


Bing is for porn. Google is for everything else. This is the way.


I use Bing and i prefer it to Google.


There are so many other ways google flexes its monopoly power to crush competition. This is like the lamest argument.


Bing is actually pretty good these days whereas as google is littered with ads


Bing Chat is pretty neat. I like it better than Google for a lot of things.


I’ve been using Bing for years because I hate Google monopoly. Gets the job done.


I like bing.

I completely switched over to bing once Google became unusable, like, shoving youtube in my face, and never really finding exactly what I was looking for.


I prefer Bing


I use Ecosia

For every 50 or so searches, they plant a tree somewhere in the world, and they’re carbon neutral. They use Bing search for results, for it’s not Bing itself. Almost as good as Google results. Only once in a while do I have to use actual Google for deep results.


Google sweating rn lol


Bing Chat is pretty great tho for what it is.

Although it has been quite handicapped since launch 🙁


I tried Bing a few years ago and never looked back. It’s actually great. Google provides nothing for me I don’t get there. If I want privacy, I’ll use DDG.


lol I use bing but yeah google always being the default on everything is crazy. I bet tons of iPhone users would use bing out of not caring enough to change the default


i use firefox so idc


Bing sucks. My data points are using bing as installed on the computers my company sells. I google my company/our part number or my company/my equipment/user guide and we’re often not on the first page. On google, we’re top 2 every time. So I’ve opened up a google window next to a Bing window, when I search at home. I like google results better.


For most of my apps, google is not the default 😂 I just honestly prefer google. It works and is the best.


It’s not that I don’t like Bing. It’s that I hate Microsoft more than I hate Google. Yes, Google long ago abandoned their pledge to “not be evil” but Microsoft routinely embraces shady practices and fucks over their users — including their paying customers.


I know it’s a russian website so some people understandably might not want to use it, but yandex actually seems to work a little better than google for me nowadays, especially in regards to piracy


Bing sucks a fat dickus.

And there it is. It’s “we have Google at home” in a world where you can have actual Google in every home.


Google search seems to get worse every year. I remember not too long ago in like 2015 how amazing and accurate the search results were. Now I am just extremely frustrated by Google not giving useful results for even the most trivial of things. All they would need to do is change their algorithm back to what it was years ago. I have no idea why they CHOOSE to make it worse


If you’ve not yet switched to SGE on Google try it: [](

In my experience it absolutely slaps and recaptures the throne. Half the time you don’t even need to click through a link to answer your query as SGE does it perfectly.

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