India to Crack Down on Pre-Installed Apps Under New Smartphone Security Rules

India is introducing new regulations to ensure the security of smartphones, which will include cracking down on pre-installed apps. The rules will require manufacturers to provide users with the ability to delete or disable any pre-installed apps that they do not want. This will give users more control over their devices and help protect their data from being accessed by third parties. Additionally, the rules will require manufacturers to provide users with more information about the apps they are installing, such as the purpose of the app and its data collection practices. The new regulations are expected to come into effect in the coming months.

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Can my country do this too please?

People buying $1000 phones with Facebook etc lock-installed is crazy


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 64%. (I’m a bot)
> India plans to force smartphone makers like Apple to allow removal of pre-installed apps and mandate screening of OS updates under proposed new security rules, reports Reuters.

> Under the new rules, smartphone makers will need to include an uninstall option for pre-installed apps and new models will be checked for compliance by a lab authorized by the Bureau of Indian Standards agency, according to people with knowledge of the plan.

> Apple already allows many of its own apps to be deleted, but core apps like Messages, Photos, and Phone cannot be deleted, only removed from the Home screen and hidden in the App Library.

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This is indeed a great thing. All this idiotic bloatware slows the phone down especially Xiaomi phones.


This is why I like pixel phones, no extra crap installed. I tried iPhone too but it felt like a kids toy.


Too bad they can’t crack down on tech scammers instead


Why the fuck is the focus on the iPhone so much? Image, article, when obviously this is gonna hit Android OSes the most


India is also going too far in forced/planned obsolescence. Banking apps (which also let you manage credit cards besides bank accounts) from biggest banks in India like SBI YONO, HDFC, Bank of India now refuse to run if phone is running Android 8.1 and hasn’t got an update from device manufacturer. They all want Android 9 to 12 only. They just show a message to upgrade Android (translation: get a new phone).
Advanced users may unlock the bootloader and flash an unofficial newer ROM but then other banking apps despite fully updating Android to latest Google-supported version (e.g. Axis Mobile, PNB Genie) check for unlocked bootloader and refuse to run. You can’t win with Indian banks.
You can’t lock bootloader after flashing custom ROM as the phone factory resets & becomes bricked without official ROM (which is obsolete and not getting updates). Only solution is to throw away your perfectly working phone and get one that gets updates from manufacturer. Just to run that one banking app.
India’s Reserve Bank (RBI) should regulate this so banks don’t get away with such things but they don’t give a damn.


Android world in shambles.


My country should do this too 👌

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