“Inverse vaccine” shows potential to treat multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases

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I hope progress is made towards treating/eliminating MS. Lost my mother to MS in 2016, she was 53.


I have loved ones with UC and Crohn’s disease. I cried when I read this. 🤞🏻


This is truly amazing


I am interested due to having plaque psoriais currently treated with humiria. This could be a miracle for people with type 1 diabetes, MS, ALS etc. If it works it might be a permanate cure and not just a treatment.


I lost a friend to MS what beautiful news to read 🤞


😮😭. I know there’s a cure for type 1 diabetes every week and it never pans out, but fingers crossed!!! Imagine just fixing all the different autoimmune disorders.


This gives me so much hope. I have lupus and my dad has Ankylosing spondylitis with chrons disease.


Entering phase 1. 70% of drugs pass phase 1. Phase 2 is where we see if it actually works.


I can’t wait to see the results of these trials, this is such an amazing breakthrough if proven effective.


I would take the inverse vaccine for RA the first day it hit shifts. I’m not willing to participate in the trials, but I would be forever grateful to those that do.


i wonder if this would also have the potential to prevent allergic reactions??


Medicine in the 30s will be absolutely mind blowing


I have rheumatoid arthritis. I hope they aren’t just playing with my emotions here 🥲


Shows potential , and I bet will never be seen again . I have read these stories for 25 years , since wife was diagnosed with MS . She is now 9.5 on EDSS .


A family member has debilitating rheumatoid arthritis that is painful to watch. Prayers daily and exciting trials give me hope.

One day!


Please put the antivaxxers at the end of the line for those who need this. They deserve to wait for everyone else first.


This is pretty freaking awesome!


Hopefully they can speed this through clinical trials like the Covid vaccines


I have laundry list of autoimmune disorders and have to get shots that cost US$20,000 a month to keep them under control.

Something that could reset my immune system would be a godsend.


For all the people who are writing that this will never pan out. It WILL. The process takes time. In my time all that used to be available was Steroids like prednisone, Methotrexate, and Azathioprine (Imuran). Read that again because that has been the treatment for over 50 years.

Now we have TNF beta and alpha blockers. We have biological infusions. I remember reading about their promising research too. They are all available now. I trust that treatments as promising like these will also make their way to us.


Bring on the antivaxxer nutjobs.


Dx with MS 9 years ago, this gives me hope!


The questions I always have with this, is how is big pharma going to fight back? Let’s be honest, they don’t want us to be cured (I have UC). I pay ridiculous amounts of money for my medicine. I take it daily, and will likely for the rest of my life.

A vaccine that could cure these diseases is a direct hit on their bottom line, and I suspect they’ll do everything they can to suppress research and slow the scientific process down to a crawl.


GOP not gonna like this!!!! Just saying


While I like the concept, I think the problem will be both relapse and death. Relapse is simple enough since Epstein-Barr Virus is the driver of MS and hides in the B-cells. So viral reactivation is bound to cause the same immune response. With other autoimmune disorder like crohn’s and UC, the cause isn’t identified so there’s no way to know what relapse looks like.


Maybe Christina Applegate will be able to return to acting some day after all.


can it inverse my covid vax?


Yes please. I could really do with that vaccine!


Wow this is incredible


Just amazing!!!!

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