iOS 17 release: everything you need to know about Apple’s big updates

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15 years of iOS updates and we still can’t customize the snooze time of an alarm.


All New Features PDF here if you are interested:


The RC is pretty stable


Am I correct in understanding that the EU app store unbundling bit still isn’t in IOS 17? I’d kill to be able to run a proper browser (not reskinned webkit)


Until I can move icons to the bottom of the screen, I’m probably going to be holding off. Yes, I know you can get an app that lets you fill in the blank spaces with invisible icons, but… no thanks.

If I’m getting a large screen, I like to be able to have important apps towards the bottom for easy access.

I’ll be honest, the iPhone looks great and I’ve been craving to experience it again, since I had the original and 3g back in the day, but… the lack of progress on base functionality is irritating. Especially for features their own community has been asking about for a decade.


What about the calculator? What a disaster, no memory and easy edit. I love iPhone but some things really seem like a joke sometimes

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