Is there a safety mechanism in place of all computers lose power or something?

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If this ever came to happen…that all machines are down around the globe you have FAR bigger problems than if your btc is safe.


my hamster wheel node will save the ledger for post apocalypse.


You’re starting to realize the only thing that’s going to kill bitcoin is likely going to take a huge chunk of humanity with it.


Not sure how every computer on earth loses power…….if that’s the cases kiss your ass goodbye anyways


If that happens, Bitcoin would be your least worry.


Guessing if we’re all without power, we’re having much bigger problems than keeping BTC online…


Like wtf is this shit!?!?? For real.


Yeah start rubbing rocks together


It does not matter if all the power in the world goes out for a hour, a day, a week.

All the data is still stored on all the hard drives, all the infrastructure is still there, the miners still exist.

Once power and the internet is back on and enough miners turn on, the next block is going to be mined.

If the whole global infrastructure is destroyed it would no matter, it would be game over.


If all computers in the world lose power at the same time, that implies all *everything* lost power. What do you think happens to our Fiat financial networks?


This dumb question is asked too often. There are much bigger problems to worry about if all computers in the world go down.


You’re basically dealing with a global apocalyptic event, in which case, bitcoin, governments, and society will collapse together and that’s a much bigger issue.


There should be a counter for each time this stupid take gets posted


Don’t worry.

Bitcoin is safe.


worst that can happen is a lot of forks are made




What if aliens beam alllll the Bitcoin nodes off earth at the same time?


called solar. we have nodes in space too.


Blockchain data is written to durable storage (harddrive), so even if ALL nodes are down for a short period of time nothing bad happens. Pending transactions are lost but that is about it. It is however quite unlikely this could ever happen due to the geographic distribution of the nodes. And should there be no computing device running anywhere on earth it likely means we are all dead anyway.


TV Tropes has an excellent analysis of various levels of extinction events

I think you’re looking for Planetary-scale, societal collapse (a level 2 Apocalypse). This sort of thing:

“Three billion human lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines.”

And the worst thing? They didn’t have Bitcoin in 1997.


Don’t worry, at Bitcoin headquarters they print out the entire blockchain on paper and store in underground in a low-humidity environment . It fills an entire warehouse. It would be hell to restore it, but it’s there in case.


There are some computers out of reach from a global meltdown surprisingly however like most people said, we have bigger problems if this case becomes true.


Yes there is. You stockpile some gold guns ammo and food.


Bruv backup is me on a bicycle connected to a water pump generating static electricity to power a BTC node. You have fuck all to worry about.


> deep underground in a bunker running off geothermal energy incased in lead

That’s the minimum requirement for running a Bitcoin node. A prospective node operator needs to apply to the Bitcoin node approval bureau, and have her installation approved by the bureau’s inspectors

That’s why there are only 50,000 nodes

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