Is TOR down?

I’m having trouble loading pages on the TOR browser while using an iPhone with iOS 16.3.1.


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Whatever app you have, it is not the official Tor Browser! There is no Tor Browser for iOS because Apple does not allow you to use Tor Browser on your device. If the app claims to be Tor Browser, then it is an app impersonating the Tor Browser and most likely malware. You should uninstall it immediately and change all passwords that you might have entered on sites over it!

u/Autorepliesbot ios


I can run Tor and connect to without problem.


Onion browser on IOS I just went to New York Times onion site.


Can’t get any darknet sites to load from either iOS app or desktop. Got NY times to load on desktop TOR browser.


Weirdly it’s wonky for me too

Using [orbot](Image on an iphone xr running ios 16.3.1

It seems to be… I think the closest word is bootlooping

Both my computer and [onion browser](Image (the only ios “tor browser” endorsed by the Tor Project) seem to work fine.

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