LSD/Mushrooms are amazing but MDMA feels awful?

LSD and mushrooms are two of the most popular psychedelics on the market today. They are both known for their ability to produce powerful, life-changing experiences. However, while these two substances can be incredibly powerful and beneficial, they are not without their risks. On the other hand, MDMA (ecstasy) is a different type of psychedelic that is often used recreationally. While MDMA can produce a euphoric and energizing experience, it can also be incredibly dangerous and lead to serious health risks.

When it comes to comparing the effects of LSD and mushrooms to MDMA, it is clear that the former two are much more beneficial. LSD and mushrooms can produce profound spiritual and psychological insights, as well as a deep connection to nature and the universe. They can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, and can even be used to treat certain mental health conditions. On the other hand, MDMA can produce a short-term euphoria, but it can also lead to long-term physical and psychological damage.

Overall, LSD and mushrooms are amazing substances that can produce powerful and life-changing experiences. However, MDMA is a different type of psychedelic that can be incredibly dangerous and should be avoided.

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