making KYC’d BTC into anonymous BTC

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I mean they still have record of you owning BTC from wherever you bought it. This isn’t a whole lot different from a “boating accident”. You should just start a separate Nonkyc stack and use BISQ or Robosats. Sell your KYC’d coins back to exchange to eliminate your tracks as needed. Mixers can move the coins to make them very hard to track, but the mixing processes are identifiable as far as I’m aware. Then your identity is associated with a mixer service. I would just do it right and not worry about it. Running your own node also helps with privacy.


I think Wasabi Wallet has an automatic coin join feature, maybe you can look into that?


Yes that will work well. You can get inbound liquidity on your 2nd LN wallet at [](

It doesn’t matter what node you connect your first wallet to as long as it’s well connected, some have lower fees than others. It would be polite of you to close that channel before you abandon it.




We have a DAO. Do you have a Twitter ? I can help.

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