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I new to it can anyone give me guides for making purchases and how to know if the seller is legit plus how to know if the marketplace is not a phishing link 🥲 i am literally noob af

Also i want to keep my conversation with seller secret how can i do that too please help me


If u cancel order on kingdom market do u get money back???


Everyone else got their notepad of Daunt Links? 🤣

Honestly praise the Dread team, they’re doing some of the hardest work, also shout out to the good Markets fighting out there, you are not underappreciated by me whatsoever!

I didn’t think Tor2Door was active until recently, one thing I do wish is for more (verified) rotation mirror links handed out! They make you feel a lot safer out there!


Hey everyone, where are the best sites for cracked software these days? Any tips or suggestions welcome


How do I decrypt the seller’s messages? And how does he decrypt mine?
I’m a noob sorry. I’m trying to work out encryption 100% before I order anything. So far, my understanding is: I send him my key, and he send me his. We just go back and forth encrypting and decrypting each other’s messages using the respective encryption keys. Is the vendor’s key always the “public pgp key”? Or is that the key we both use? Or do we use our own? If so, what the point of the public pgp key?


can anyone else not get on ASAP through i2p?


Someone mentioned a site last week on tor that gives a list of markets and links to them. I can’t remember the name but used it and they all popped up. It notified of markets that were down. It mentioned that some update called for identity verification and said it could be ignored. When I clicked the links to all working markets it pulled up and I was put in a que but never got in to any of them. Using Tor Browser and a VPN. Anything else I need?


Why do many ASAP vendors have the same descriptions for their product? I’m talking different vendors and different product, but a copy / paste text of the product description. Is this normal? I verified site pgp and mirrors, all checked out.


How long does a dispute on ASAP take to be resolved? It’s been 2 weeks, I’ve also sent a ticket but no answers…




AB users should migrate to Bohemia

Lots of the same vendors and listings have moved to Bohemia over the past week.

Setup is pretty easy and the search function is pretty good.

2FA setup and messaging is all incorporated into the platform too.


How long to money arrive at Archetyp?

I made a transfer from MyMonero to my Archetype wallet address 12 hours ago. The transfer has over 340 confirmations, and the prove payment field confirms the receiving. I am using 2FA and checked the wallet address a lot of times, everything is right. Is it normal to take so long to receive the money?


Tor2door legit?


Kingdom is good too


Anyway to recover a forgotten pin on asap, I havnt logged on in over a year and just lodged some cash to realise just as I was making an order I needed it to proceed.. what a dumbass


archetyp is a good market?


Can anyone access dread?


Bohemia is slowly but surely going to be #1


any1 got luck on ab recently? nothing comin up on i2p


Asaps been working well lately still a fan of tor Market



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