Microsoft appeals against UK watchdog’s veto of Activision Blizzard takeover

Microsoft has filed an appeal against the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) decision to block its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The CMA had ruled that the takeover would reduce competition in the UK video game market, leading to higher prices for consumers. Microsoft is now challenging this decision in the Competition Appeal Tribunal, arguing that the CMA’s ruling was based on an incorrect assessment of the market. Microsoft believes that the takeover would not reduce competition and would instead create new opportunities for gamers.

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> Microsoft has filed an appeal against the UK competition watchdog's decision to block its $69bn acquisition of the Call of Duty creator Activision Blizzard.

> The compromise involves Microsoft offering free licences over a 10-year period allowing European consumers who purchase Activision PC and console games to stream them on other cloud gaming services.

> Gareth Mills, partner at UK law firm Charles Russell Speechlys, said the appeal showed that Microsoft are "Willing to use their considerable resources to test the CMA's resolve to stand behind their previous decision." He added: "The EU's approval of the Activision acquisition may give both parties an opportunity to find a third way, although such would represent a considerable change in tone and attitude from those currently being expressed.”

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I mean ten years is kind of nothing in business terms. As soon as that’s even they could just turn off the taps. I just don’t see this argument working out.

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