Microsoft’s Changes to Xbox Console Leave Republicans Outraged

Microsoft’s Changes to Xbox Console Leave Republicans Outraged

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What happened does the Xbox not wear heels now


Most important issues in the United States and world today:

– Green M&M doesn’t wear sexy shoes anymore
– Xbox doesn’t unnecessarily use extra electricity


What……the fuck. How is energy efficiency setting on a piece of hardware woke? I don’t get it. This probably is the stupidest woke false flag story I’ve seen.


Microsoft: we made it so the Xbox uses less power when you aren’t using it. Maybe you’ll save $1 on your energy bill!



>The company included a feature that allows the console to pick a time of the night for maintenance and updates to use the most renewable energy from the electrical grid, and a “shutdown” setting that can replace the sleep mode, which it says saves 20 times the energy.

The “Anti-Woke” Brigade is out of fucking control.


“Aww man, now I gotta sell my Xbox to pwn the libs!”


Solution for Republicans who are concerned they’re not producing enough carbon emissions: Get a charcoal grill, set it up in your bedroom, load it up with charcoal and light it every night before bed. You’ll want to keep it in the bedroom so that it’s more convenient to get up and add charcoal every hour or so.


Ted Cruz is a disgrace to this country


Doesn’t everything leave the Republicans outraged?


Ah yes I see the Culture War has been extended to…*checks notes*…energy-efficient engineering.


Manufactured Outrage, that’s all this is.

Just more attempts by the right wing media to both control public discourse with actual fake news, and simultaneously distract from the real problems our planet and society already face.



we are fucked

in every way

the most awful people in the world wear a suit with a flag pin


Lucky for me I don’t give a shit about insincere outrage from professional snowflakes.


Remember when they called it “SexBox” and wanted to blame video games as the source of violent tendencies? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Everything that isn’t rolling coal 24/7 is woke.

When will people wake up and realize Republicans are clowns???

Inb4 “democrats are clowns too” we know, but one party is significantly more clown-like than the other


Question: why are conservatives all such whiny little bitches?

We got a fuckton of real, legitimate problems that need to solved, like housing and healthcare being unaffordable for most of Americans, and instead of addressing them at all these fucking quislings do nothing but whine about these fake culture war issues to distract us from the fact that they and the billionaire scumbags funding them are raping us up the ass every single day.

No, apparently the real problems us Americans face is “Xbox woke” and Tucker Carlson can’t get his dick hard enough to the latest iteration of cartoon M&Ms. What a fucking joke this country has turned into.


Is this a joke?


Obviously republicans don’t care about Xbox but it’s really funny seeing a pathetic attempt at outreach for the youth vote. “They want to turn off your Xbox kids! So vote for the party that wants to make sure you get fucked by corporations for the rest of your life.”


many things leave republicans outraged


Streisand effect. I didn’t care/know about this until they said something and now I am taking Microsoft’s side. Something I don’t usually do.


GOP, what a bunch of snowflakes.




This is “willful misinterpretation,” a technique republicans LOVE.

They take something non offensive, then intentionally misread it and report based on that misreading. That’s how an optional feature to save power becomes “Xbox is woke!!”

See also death panels that never existed, climate-gate that never existed, etc.


I just cannot believe this is what our representatives are putting their time and attention on… is not like we any major issues to tend to, right?


Meanwhile Republicans want to mess with Social Security and Medicare, add a 30% federal sales tax, wipe out the IRS, abandon the Ukraine, and impeach Biden. You know, normal stuff.

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