Missing Interest for Staking Reward’s

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What you may have not known is that Coinbase takes 35% of your staking rewards for themselves. So let’s say you stake for a year and get a return of 12%, you’ll get 7.8% in reality. It’s kind of messed up too. Because of their greedy sh#t I migrated to stable farming on [flatqube.io](https://flatqube.io), because 35% is just waaay too much.


Seen a few posts like this. On checking my account, no rewards added since March. Logged a ticket, got an apology and promise it will be updated in 48hrs. That was 5 days ago.

So it seems that every stakeholder in Coinbase has to chase up individually what is clearly a site-wide issue. Interesting way to run a business


I hope Coinbase already address this issue to prevent any problem in the future.


Sounds like there’s a problem with Coinbase. You’re not alone, I’ve heard other people complain about it too. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon. But hey, have you ever considered defi options? There are so many out there like Ankr, Algem, Dafi Protocol, Stargate, and more. These are my personal favourites, but there’s so much to explore. Just thought I’d suggest it!

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