“Most notorious” illegal shadow library sued by textbook publishers [Updated]

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Of course it’s textbooks, the biggest fucking scam in Publishing.


tl;dr – Libgen got sued again, but they operate outside the US and will most likely just pop back up if they get taken down again.


They have books on illegal math, and evil geography.


Oooooh, illegal AND shadow. How spooky.

Besides, who ever heard of a library that gives access to book for free ammirite?


And of course it was Elsevier that sued them in 2015, a company who’s profit model is largely built on putting publicly funded research behind a paywall.


Hope those parasites go bankrupt.

Sorry, wrong edition.

Those parasites should go bankrupt.

Oh wait, that was last years.

Those parasites hopefully go bankrupt.

Ah yes, thats 2023s text book edition.

Cengage Learning, Macmillan Learning, McGraw Hill, and Pearson Education


One of the worst parts of textbook over-pricing is that authors receive next to nothing from the publisher. These companies are making disgusting profits, while the real workers get shit upon. Just like everything else in education, really.


Fuck the textbook publishers. I always point my students to resources in our online library where they don’t have to pay a single cent and ignore any textbooks unavailable that way.


You can’t stop tor


Cool, thanks for reminding me about LibGen.


I know a woman that used to work for McGraw-Hill. Her job was to go through textbooks and change a few pieces of punctuation every year so they could sell it as a new addition.


Will these publishers be sued for price-fixing, collusion and monopolistic behavior?


“absolutely no legal justification for what they do.”

So they’re not denying that what “they” do might be morally correct?


Text book publishers are con artists. Often changing an intro or sone illustrations and calling it a new edition then charging US students $3-400 while selling the same book in foreign markets for $50.


all that knowledge shouldn’t be behind a paywall. dumb as fuck capitalism sealing keys to our future for tiny minded profits. never is enough for those people. the internet is being trampled by ads and open spaces/free sharing are being locked by fences. the money goes to greed, useless lawsuits – it’s all theater for the suits to pig out. for these extremes: social good is always secondary to profit, or in the use of more profits. its sick.


Also you can not copy and paste my text more than 7 characters at a time.


Not everyone earns a US salary. I am not spending 200 – 300+ usd on a couple of textbooks I probably will only use for one or two college courses. It’s even worse when many technical books that have “cheaper” global edition usually contain many more errors and rearranged problem sets compared to the NA version, which effectively forces us to buy/pirate the NA version anyway. That’s not even counting all the different “editions” which all have basically the same content but with different page/problem sets just to screw with uni students who bought the wrong one.


Illegal books are so deliciously dystopian. Really makes you think…..oops do i hear the thought police knocking?


In my country, textbooks are just barely sold for 3-4 dollars


Ah yes. It is their human right to charge $300 for shitty notes on Excel that they call a book, and $600 for a bundle of notes on mathematics they did not develop.


Ugh I just started my masters and while my employer is covering the costs the book costs still piss me off. I bought an e book and they charged me $10 to ship a card with a code. And I’m not aware of anyway to get around it since I need to use connect to do the homework. Fuck these companies.


I wonder how the lawyers are talking about this when their client hangs up. I imagine something like “Holy shit we told them this was unlikely to work and they asked for a retainer. Hey Sandra whatever hours we have for this account double it and tell the new guy to file that joke I’m taking lunch.”


Every professor who requires purchase of any textbook in any of my classes always gets the lowest ratings possible at the end of the semester. They decide which book their using, and it’s entirely possible to allow open source or no to low cost books for any class.


Professors: use Open Educational Resources. Peer reviewed, open access teaching material.


Publishers don’t deserve to exist. Find another career if you work for one.


This won’t be popular, but wow there’s a lot of entitled people here who think textbook authors and/or publishers owe them free books. Here’s an idea: stop buying beer and drugs for a few weeks and you’ll have enough for your books. No money for books, but students always seem to have money to party…


I always hated textbooks anyways. I felt more confused after looking through the textbook than when I read the problem I didn’t understand.

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