My nic (ik this post doesn’t fit here but it doesn’t fit anywhere else either) is burnt and it’s new, PLEASE HELP!

If your NIC (Network Interface Card) is new and already burnt, it’s likely that it was damaged during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this means that the NIC is no longer usable and must be replaced.

The good news is that most NICs are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. You can purchase a new NIC from a variety of online retailers or from your local computer store. Once you have the new NIC, you can install it in your computer and be back online in no time.

If you’re not sure how to install the new NIC, you can find plenty of helpful tutorials online. Additionally, many computer stores offer installation services for a small fee.

If you’re still having trouble with your NIC, you may want to contact the manufacturer for further assistance. They may be able to provide you with additional troubleshooting tips or even replace the NIC for you.

No matter what, don’t give up! With a little bit of research and patience, you can get your NIC up and running in no time.


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