My Wallet Has Been Hacked For 270,000 USD – Please Help

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OP in your previous thread that was removed u/Acidhoe shows that you approved a contract for unlimited spending of your USDC.

Edit: Here is what happened to OP


This is how OP lost his money ->

Edit: Here is a general thread on the flaws of erc20 and permit fns ->


Sometimes I’m glad I don’t understand 99% of what happens in crypto. I just buy on my exchange and transfer to my ledger. I do don’t anything else because I don’t understand it.

I think it’s better you either are dumb enough to do nothing, or very smart and do everything the right way. The inbetween looks very dangerous in crypto.


Hey man, first of all, understand this is NOT the end of the world. Please take care of yourself.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience of being hacked. Unfortunately, there is always a risk of theft or loss.

The first step you should take is to secure your accounts and change all of your passwords. Also make sure to report the theft to the relevant authorities, such as your local police department or the cybercrime division of your national law enforcement agency.

In terms of recovering your funds, it may be difficult, but not impossible. **If the thief transferred the stolen funds to a centralized exchange, you may be able to work with the exchange to freeze the account and recover your funds.** However, this process can be lengthy and complicated, and success is not guaranteed.


these stories make me think how the hell crypto will be mainstream if even a relatively knowledgable person who is also cautious enough to use a cold storage can be tricked like that and lose life savings.


Sorry to hear this man. Looks like you interacted with a scam contract. I use Blockfence to warn me about malicious smart contracts but it won’t work to recover your funds :/


Omg, 270k 🙁 SRY OP.


He swapped for Ether pretty much immediately

These wallets look like they have what would be your USDC but now ETH. Doesn’t look like any sent to centralized exchanges yet


Hackers/scammers worst creatures on the planet


Welcome to Ethereum, where smart contracts you interacted with months ago can steal everything.


My condolences. I hope you manage to recover your funds. 🙏


Had a look on Arkham for any interaction with KYC exchanges. Unfortunately, the thief has been using ChangeNow, FixedFloat, and MEXC – 3 exchanges that typically do not require KYC.
comment image

Considering this involves a large amount of money, you might want to contact a detective and ask them to request any relevant data from these exchanges (IP address, etc.)

Here are some of his transactions with ChangeNow deposit addresses:

Here he sends ETH to a FixedFloat deposit address:

And here he sends ETH to a MEXC Deposit address:

Again, these are typically non-KYC exchanges, but they may have some information on the thief.

Good luck.


Even if this propabaly sounds harsh to you OP.

People should be aware to never sign any contract with an address they intend to hodl with EVER. Especially not when large amounts are at risk.

Use seperate addresses for your contract business.

There is not really anything you can do to get your funds back. They are gone, because you didn’t carefully pay attention to which shady contract you signed.


Damn man, really sorry about your stuff getting jacked..

These scammers are really really good.


I copied this from whoever posted this down the thread and its so so TRUE.

**Highly recommended NOT to do any swaps with your cold wallet. And use it only for one function: Send and receive funds.**

**Which is also why I do not stake through a cold wallet. I use a hot wallet for that – because I know there’s a risk I interact with a malicious hacker/link.**

**Use your cold wallet ONLY for sending and receiving funds, and you greatly reduce the risk of interacting with malicious contracts.**

Everybody needs to be aware, and take caution when clicking on anything..

it can’t be said enough.

Stay Safe..


I am sorry for your loss. It is devasting to read. Please reach out to friends and family to try and support you emotionally.


And yet another reason why crypto is useless. “Oh oopsie poopsie I clicked on this link, there goes my life savings” Truly the future of finance.


Gotta monitor this address and see where the funds are sent to



I think OP has been banned from cc because he posted the link.


Sorry this happened to you.

For everyone else, don’t use your hardware wallet to sign smart contracts.

Use a separate wallet with limited funds if you do anything but transfer to an exchange.


If you’re US, I think this would be a case where you’d contact the FBI. The following is

Link for reporting cyber scams/incidents from the page above

Other countries, don’t know


Why in your fucking mind did you put all of your life savings into unregulated and uninsured market?!


Can anyone care to explain why his custom flair he is permabanned?


Your keys – not much longer your crypto. That’s why I keep my stuff on an exchange that is incorporated in the US and regulated by the SEC.


Sorry dude but why you hold your entire life savings in crypto?



He has approval to access unlimited USDC from my wallet, how can I see when I gave him permission for this? What transaction? I know this is my fault, i’ve obviously signed something and been an idiot.

Is there a way I can message his wallet and beg for it back, I will do literally anything.


This is getting ridiculous. Wallets are going to have to make this easier for people to understand, and have wallet connections front and center. Any contract that is connected to a wallet needs to be listed on the wallets front page. No clicking into something to see or having to already know where it is to find it. FRONT AND CENTER. If a contract has the ability to transfer funds without further approval the wallet needs to be flagged with that and the flag should stay until the contract is closed. So many people clicking on contracts and then not understanding where to go to disconnect. This needs to be more of a priority. Wallets that don’t do this are setting their users up to be scammed like this. The connections need to be listed directly inter the balance of the wallet. Here’s how much is in the address and here are the open contracts.

This is really getting unacceptable and the wallet companies sitting on their thumbs acting like there’s no way to help with this is infuriating. I have never had my wallet scammed or hacked, but the way things are it seems like only a matter of time if you want to do anything in crypto.


There is this message that states “Warning! The phishing website asks users to transfer ETH to this address directly. Reported by BlockSec.”

Seems like you might have interacted with a contract on a phishing website.

I hope the authorities will be able to help you recover the funds. Take care friend, my thoughts are with you. It makes me sick that there are people out there doing this to others.


Man I’m so sorry … that’s the fucking worst. I know words are of little use now, but you will be ok, and all will be well in time. If you need help, reach out, don’t stay silent. May the reddit crypto nerds and the FBI put that Sonofabitch away for good.


Ledger to hot wallet

Than that hot wallet to another that’s used for all activities

So even if both wallets are exposed the ledger is safe

Sucks to transfer so much

But with large large amounts like you had it would’ve saved you

Ledger should be for holding only

Never use your ledger to connect directly to any site


It looks like the hacker immediately moved the 270k through UniSwap. Your only hope may be to contact them and see if there’s anything they can do. I got hacked/scammed a while ago and someone told me that if you track the transactions and the scammer ends up sending the money to an exchange like Coinbase, it’s very possible to get it back. You can also file a report with the FBI since they deal with cyber crime. I did that, and nothing happened. But I’m no expert, so take it with a grain of salt. Just trying to do what I can because I know how much it sucks to get scammed.


Please can we all agree to stop putting more than 50% of our life savings into Cryptocurrency?

It’s an incredibly immature market at the moment and protections don’t exist in the event that something happens.


My wife keeps her money in usd at a bank fdic insured. No issues.


Man this even hit me hard…I really hope you find a way to recover your funds. This is really awful…


I’m literally hurt for you brother. Can’t imagine what’s going thru your mind. If I can give any advice just keep calm contact FBI and do exactly what they say. Don’t do anything crazy money can be earned again. Keep your head up and most of all Blessings for a good outcome for you b


Lmao this is why I don’t want to be my own bank


Looks like you had some dodgy coins sitting in your wallet.

By any chance did you go to any of those sites and download anything?


Has anyone figured out how they got his funds, if he signed a bad contract or something?


No one deserves this. Hope the scammer/phisher sends his crypto to a centralized exchange.


I’m an idiot but this thread shows why regular people owning crypto seems like a bad idea. The tech is still too complex for most

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