Nearly 80,000 Indian IT professionals on H-1B and L1 visas now jobless scrambling for options to stay in the US

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Nearly 80,000 Indian IT professionals on H-1B and L1 visas now jobless scrambling for options to stay in the US

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I work around places like SLU and Redmond, including right around the main MS campus, and the residential buildings are at least 80% expat occupied. Thousands and thousands of overpriced apartments. Interesting to imagine what is going to happen to those property management companies as their occupancy numbers begin to fall off.


The same thing happened to me when I was laid off in Abu Dhabi.

I was back in Canada 60 days later. After selling my car and belongings.

Sometimes, life sucks.

I wish them well.

Edit: Thank you for the award


Wonder how many of them will get their exact same job back (plus-or-minus “cost-of-living” adjustment) after moving back home.


As a US IT professional that has had two jobs outsourced to Indian consulting firms, them’s the breaks.


Never thought about this aspect of tech mass layoffs.


This was sadly inevitable, and I hope that at least some of them saw the massively abused visa program for what it is: A lobbied (paid) for scam to outsource jobs “in place” by bringing tons of expats into the country to save money on labor while avoiding some of the optics of offshore outsourcing. This really kicked off in the earliest years of the 2000’s.

The more recent pissing match of the big companies offering massively overpaid salaries as a way to hoard talent was, IMO, clearly unsustainable and temporary. In our “growth is the only option” earnings model, dumping as many of those people as necessary when the time came was always the hair-trigger Plan A.


Think about this story when you look at who is still working at Twitter. A whole lot of those people couldn’t walk away because their visa is tied to their job.


A lot of pretty toxic comments here, and a few that spout common misunderstandings about the US immigration system. I’ll take a stab at a few:


1. The H1-B visa is incredibly hard to get. 95% of the people writing here would not qualify. You have to prove no American could possibly take your job, meet an income threshold for your job, prove your educational achievements (anything below a masters degree is normally not accepted) and get sponsorship from a company that’s willing to go through the paperwork nightmare (employers also have to pay a fee to do this). Then, after that, you enter a lottery in which you normally only have a 20% chance of winning (this varies year-on-year but I’ve never seen it below a 33% chance). Has this system been abused by some sponsors? Yeah, but it’s been exaggerated. The idea companies can just go “Ya know? Hiring Americans is tough, let’s get some cheap foreign labor in” doesn’t have much grounding in reality.
2. H1-B labor has little to do with the fact your job was outsourced. If they outsourced your job to china, it’s just because they wanted to do that.
3. It’s hard to move jobs on a H1-B as someone else has to sponsor you. These people cannot just go get jobs at McDonalds. It’s a very strict procedure. If you get laid off you’re told you’ve got 90 days to find another sponsor. Many firms cannot be bothered with sponsorship.
4. The H1-B visa system is capped. There will always be a set number of H1-B visas issued each year. These people going home isn’t going to mean there’s less people arriving next year. It’s not like that.
5. Jumping from H1-B to green card is not easy. There are numerous hoops to jump through and, frankly, a lot of randomness in the process. If you’re from India you’ll likely never get a green card because there’s a yearly cap based on your country of origin.
6. Tech companies in the US provide the highest wages in the world and have continued to grow well above other sectors. The evidence H1-Bs in tech are lowering wages is pretty slim. All economic studies on this have shown they tend to increase the wages of those around them rather than lower them.
7. The fact that another country’s immigration system is even stricter or draconian than the US’s isn’t a good defense and you know it.

And outside all that, damn, these are people’s lives we’re talking about. People who have settled, bought a house, made friends. After 5 to 10 years, the US is all they know. It’s their life. Anyone who smiles at people being made to leave should ask themselves “How would you feel if you were told tomorrow you had to go live in Mexico for the rest of your life and you couldn’t take anyone with you?”. That’s really what we’re talking about here. Many will be returning to a life in their home country they are no longer part of.


Edit: Fixed some typos and grammar


Real question is why is google importing 80k jobs?


This is the unfortunate downstream effect of the broken H-1B policy, imho.

If you fix the implementation of the policy to match the intent (eg: allow bringing in “specialized” workers to fill roles which otherwise would be vacant, as per the intent of the law, but *only* under the condition that employers are paying at least 150% of the market rate for the industry and position), then this problem will effectively be solved by extension (ie: people on H-1B’s either wouldn’t be laid off, or would easily find new employment). If you have a broken implementation which allows companies to underpay employees by using this as a loophole to cut costs, then you get this downstream effect when layoffs happen.

As they say in the industry, look to solve the root cause, not the symptom.


Good. The H1B visa system has been heavily Abused in the tech sector for a couple of decades now, not by the workers but the companies. I hope the bar is higher to get a visa now, companies have been using foreign labor imported in to undercut pay for American workers.


We have an immigration employee and she was getting paid a certain amount because it was either policy or law she had to be paid x-amount. The rest of the team got a raise to compensate her higher pay.


Bunch of hogwash. False headlines, no data……

This is like Fox News “some people says”

from the article:

“As per some industry insiders, between 30 to 40 per cent of them are Indian IT professionals, a significant number of whom are on H-1B and L1 visas.”


India actually needs their talents more than the US does. This should be a blessing in disguise for India.


Since the given reason for H1B is a lack of qualified labor, tech companies should be required to cut those employees first.


Messed up system. Person can live in US for fifteen years and get deported! I hope these folks land somewhere.


Saturdays at Costco are about to get a lot less busy.


I have always despised H1B visas. I had so many friends in the Silicon Valley lose jobs being undercut by somebody who would work for 1/2 the pay. One guy went from working at Apple and Cupertino to living in a basement back east.

I have nothing personal against these folks but I always believe you take care yourself your family and your neighbors first.

The law says that it must be a position that can’t be filled by an American worker… so they rewrite it and rewrite it until it qualifies and then have the American train the guy on the way out.

I understand that if their position or contract ends they’ve got to leave.

It is for that reason I write the following:

See ya! Best of luck!


The indian companies who SELL h1b visa must be furious.


The whole point of the H1B and L1 visa was to fill a *temporary* need…


It’s such a dysfunctional and unfair system. Designed to bring the best to the US, but heavily abused by “consulting” (more like labor extension) companies and their customers to run their IT departments cheaper.

And the truly bright ones get shafted with a system that makes them dependent on sponsorship by companies, freezes their rank if they apply for permanent residence, and (if they happen to be born in India or China) keeps their lives in limbo since the employment green card backlogs are measured in DECADES.

The worst part is that since those affected can’t vote, politicians don’t care. Companies benefit, so they don’t care. Citizens aren’t affected too badly, so they don’t care either.


“The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. Technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China.”


This seems like the companies should really be hiring american citizens and paying them a living wage instead of outsourcing to china and new china.


H-1B visa people should be laid off before american workers are.

It’s not fair that companies get to abuse H-1B visa holders with lesser pay and lesser benefits and screw over everyone else. If theres going to be layoffs, H-1B visas should be the first to go.


Most of them are going to take their skills and move back to a country that is increasingly at odds with American interests, even though they would rather stay here.


Any person that wouldn’t want to immigrant to the US is dumb imo. You got your self a big giant virgin land that is demographically diverse with different climates. There is a place for you if you like mountains regions , flat , forestry and if you like hot , cold , or rainy weather. You also have freedoms not enjoyed by a lot of people globally, and on top of all of that you have a strong robust economy. Most Americans would shrug this off as ehhh it’s just America surely they’re better places because that’s their normal. But as someone that has lived and visited 10+ countries throughout my childhood that difference is noticeable. The Eh quickly turned to a whoa. Not worrying about unemployment and your economy is a privilege , most countries have it either do good in school or continue to live in poverty. That holds true In developed countries like South Korea too. The top companies in S Korea Literally throw your resume in the trash can if your not from a SKY university their version of the Ivy League. Tell me if Faang does the same thing. Here kids can be kids there is no pressure you can work at retail or something and chill until you decide what to do with your life. You don’t have to worry about politics , the economy, or your personal safety you can live normally.


This will continue to push wages higher. Only mass immigration can change wage inflation, not interest rates.


Same happened to me years back. Studio shut down and I had to be gone in 3 weeks.
Asking for a leave of absence extended my stay for 6 months and it saved my ass!


And this is exactly why I’m never leaving my underpaid position. Income is income, despite how tight I’m living.


I thought IT was booming?


RIP Dublin CA


Honestly, if more people moved out of the cities and into country sides, that would be great. It would vote out these fucking old dinosaurs holding us all hostage in the stone age.

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