Netflix’s password sharing crackdown officially hits US users

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Netflix has begun to enforce its policy against password sharing among US users. The streaming service has implemented measures to prevent users from sharing their login credentials with others. This move is intended to protect the company’s content and ensure that users are paying for their own subscription.

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They think they are all smart, cracking down on passwords in other countries to use as leverage in the US. Knowing if they started with the US, the back lash would be much greater.

I can’t do much more at this point. Canceled our Netflix last year when it hit $16 a month. Far more use out of Plex (paid for a lifetime subscription, plus self hosting my own digital (legal mind you) copies), Disney Plus (paid yearly), and I have to include Paramount+ since we technically get that free through another service.

And I guess I should mention Youtube Plus or what ever, got a year of that for free through yet another service. Haven’t found that much of great benefit in cost (if I had paid a year of it), where a free adblocker (UBlock Origin) has been great before (and still kicking butt today).


Goodbye Netflix then. Fun while it lasted. Can’t afford to keep paying for all these services. We’ve pretty much gone back to the days of cable


And subscription canceled.


Heads up – in Canada when they implemented the crackdown, they also f#@ked up a bunch of primary and not-sharing users, particularly those getting Netflix via a set top box. It took hours to get my elderly Mom’s Netflix primary account reset. Jerks.


How to kill a business:
1. Invent game changing platform ✅
2. Have great content ✅
3. Loose the great content but follow it up with your own high value production ✅
4. Stop making great content but keep spending on high value production ✅
5. Alienate your entire customer base and make it harder for people to access the content ✅
Congratulations! You’re now officially the worst steaming service and you invented the damn thing.


Guess I’ll use Prime Movies now. Netflix is just something I turn on when I have people over. They haven’t had good content in years


RIP Netflix ⚰️ It was a good run


I’m free from the burden I’ve painted myself into, keeping the subscription going because 4 of my family members use it way more than me.

I barely touch Netflix, certainly not enough to keep it active long term when it’s only for my household.

Free at last.


You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.


I cancelled


I can’t wait to hear their next quarterly profits


At this point I don’t feel it’s worth subscribing to any service which does not have any live sports. All the movies eventually come to these services or May even come on Tubi which is free


Rip Netflix. I jump between 2 households, so now you’ve given me absolutely no incentive to keep the 16 dollar standard subscription. I’ll either downgrade to the basic to watch in one of my housholds, or actually just remove your service entirely, since I’m already using HBO, Hulu, Amazon, funimation, and none of those streaming platforms give me this bother. 👍

To the moron executives reading this: You thought you were clever by doing this, thinking you were gonna make more money. Infact, all you’ve accomplished is putting yourself into the negatives even more than what you are already experiencing. So disconnected from reality. Enjoy bankruptcy, clowns.


I am out as soon as this effects me. I have seen my monthly cost rise since I joined over 25 years ago. I am no longer willing to put up with corporate greed and money grabbing, when all they do is cancel shows I want to watch and remove content I like to re-watch. I stream so I can see what I want, when I want, where I want.

Dear Netflix, it was fun, but you have turned into a pain in the ass. I am moving on to other services if you think you can do anything you want and I will just go along with it. The moment I am notified about password sharing I am canceling my account with you.


I got ahead of it, already canceled my subscription the moment they announced an increase and ad tier. It was a sign that a series of bad decisions was going to follow.


Stupid is as stupid does


piracy is future lol

every one is trying to be oversmart

good were the days when u pay once for everychannela and not worry about 5 different ones


This is gonna backfire so hard, get some popcorn.


Well Netflix, I can be very spiteful. I can very well just delete my account and they won’t make any money from me then.

Besides, it’s not like there are awesome shows I am watching at the moment. And even if I were, they’d just be canceled in a season or two anyway.


Yup I’m out if I get any whiff of this on my end.


a pirates life for me.


I cancelled my Netflix account a couple months back and won’t be returning. All the best, Netflix.


I’ve been debating whether or not to keep the service since I don’t really use Netflix a lot. I guess this is my answer.


So many of these people leeching off of other people who get cut off and just are telling themselves they cancelled Netflix.


Oh my… people are getting punished for using a service they don’t pay for. What a surprise!


Why are there so many news stories about a web site changing its login requirements?




I only have it for my parents since they have nothing to watch, but what is the point when they already geoblock content… Bye Netflix I was a royal customer but I can’t deal with this stupidity.


If it was worth paying for I think people would be more pissed. The fact people aren’t really that pissed kind of shows that I think many will just let it go. It’s just not that good.


This is irritating because my friends TMobile account pays for my Netflix account but I have the premium subscription so myself and two others split the portion that TMobile doesn’t pay so this is a problem because Netflix won’t let TMobile pay to add a member. So frustrating


canceling my subscription now. i live in multiple addresses, and share my account with my sister who doesn’t live with me. this is ridiculous hope they crash and burn. seriously


I’ve paid for the highest package because it allows for steaming 4x simultaneously. Jokes on you, I saw the notification come up, texted my family who uses the account, and rage cancelled. I was on the fence with the price increases as it was, but you just pushed me over the edge.

Please, others do the same! It’s the only way they will revert back. Then again, I feel so free right now that they may have lost me for life.


I received my warning email and an hour later I canceled my premium account I’ve had since 2011. If they are hoping for loyalty, they won’t get it from me.

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