No ETH to trade? Ethereum exchange balance drops to a 5-year low

The amount of Ethereum available for trading has hit its lowest level in five years, with no ETH left to exchange. This is a significant decrease from the amount of Ethereum that was available for trading in the past. The decrease in Ethereum exchange balance could be due to a variety of factors, including the increasing popularity of Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, as well as the increasing demand for Ethereum-based tokens. This could be a sign of a healthy Ethereum market, as investors are increasingly turning to Ethereum-based projects for their investments.

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I love these stats but it doesnt change prices. It will in the long term, but in the long term there will be so many other factors going on that it wont be clear.


Price has to pump at some point right, RIGHT?


Eth staking is going up, burns are going up. Supply is going down. Price will go up too eventually.


when gas fees is going down?


Only way to get my ETH is from my cold, dead hands.


Just leave some for us DCA’ers! Just a bit, a few bucks or something… Not whaling here


Mostly locked away in staking,this should be a bullish thing for eth but price doesn’t agree…


There’s a third reason.

Exchanges are staking ETH. So, 32 ETH at at time it will leave accounts tagged as belonging to the exchange, and show up in some random account as staked ETH.

The reason exchanges would be staking ETH, and in large quantities (versus cold storage), is so that they can settle trades “on us” as staking, without being front-run – because they can propose their own blocks. And be paid to do so.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer.

However, it does beg the question whether or not they are liquid, e.g. if they are staking CLIENT-DEPOSITED eth… which would be a big no-no (for a regulated exchange). It might also be interesting to see if the “proof of reserves” includes staked ETH or not.


Its only natural as the burning mechanism and staking keep increasing.


Sorry guys I cleaned out the exchanges with my 0.1 eth purchase.


LSD narrative will be in full force this Summer.


good news for hodlers


tldr; The balance of available Ether (ETH) on crypto exchanges has dropped to a five-year low, with only 14.85% of the total Ether supply currently held on centralized exchanges. This decline in ETH supply began in September 2022 and dropped significantly after the FTX crisis in November. The movement of assets away from exchanges is considered a bullish sign, indicating traders are not looking to sell at the current price. The decline in ETH balances on centralized exchanges could be due to the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange and the Shapella upgrade, which made way for thousands of validators to withdraw their staked ETH.

*This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


That scenario is much more likely for Bitcoin as we have a very limited supply there and the exchange balances are also in a free fall.

The Supply Shock will be real.


Finally some good moves
Extremely bullish


People are finally taking custody of their own assets. Satoshi would be proud


ah, eth is and has always been the one i can count on


People are finally using self custody more and more!


Let the games begin.


It’s good news for self custody, now we just need some good news from a wallet company


So price goes up crypto bros, right? Right?!


All in bois. Time for some wall street bets level autism.


People are buying and hodling. We’re all waiting for the bull run


*insert Jack Nicholson nodding yes meme*


Can I expect price to drop now? So, more buying power and accumulation, noice!!!!


So much has been burnt now it’s taking to be noticed in the exchanges.


Bear market indicator ?


Supply shock incoming!


I just told my boss to watch his mouth


ETH has no maximum supply. This seems a silly argument.


Good to see lower amounts on exchanges will increase supply shock effect

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