No evidence that UFOs are aliens — NASA attempts to make conversations about aerial phenomena more scientific

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Some people see something in the air that they cannot identify and conclude “aliens” the same way other people see something vague at night that they don’t recognize and conclude “ghost”. Both conclusions are gratuitous without verifiable evidence. In both cases the rational approach is to admit and accept that we simply don’t know what it was instead of insisting on a baseless conclusion.


“So you’re telling me it’s aliens”

– r/UFOs


By a professor of astronomy, who has written extensively on astrobiology and on scientists who search for life in the universe:^1

>During a press briefing, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson noted that NASA has scientific programs to search for traces of life on Mars and the imprints of biology in the atmospheres of exoplanets. He said he wanted to shift the UAP conversation from sensationalism to one of science.

>[…] In his comments, the chair of the study team, astronomer David Spergel stated that the team had seen “no evidence to suggest that UAPs are extraterrestrial in origin.”

>Of the more than 800 unclassified sightings collected by the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office and reported at the NASA panel’s first public meeting back in May 2023, only “a small handful cannot be immediately identified as known human-made or natural phenomena,” according to the report.

>[…] Parts of the briefing resembled a primer on the scientific method. Using analogies, officials described the analysis process as looking for a needle in a haystack, or separating the wheat from the chaff.

>The officials said they needed a consistent and rigorous methodology for characterizing sightings, as a way of homing in on something truly anomalous.

^1 Chris Impey.


Ok I am not saying I don’t believe in aliens , but think about this most of the Jets we see with the technology they have was made in 70s,80s,90s. Could you imagine the stuff they have now ?


So then we are down to time travels, dimension travelers and pandimemsional travelers


As it should, stick to the concrete details and facts.


I play Starfield so I’m somewhat of an authority on space travel. Do you know how easy it is to traverse the stars? As simple as clicking a little button called ‘fast travel’. The aliens visited, but left after WWII. They left a note, a single word: Nope! You can guess what it means.


No evidence they are, no evidence they aren’t. Until someone gets one if these crafts in front of the public we just have no idea.

I’m sure someone in government knows exactly what they are and we’re just not privileged to know


What I don’t understand is why everyone is ignoring that the last three people who ran the US uap program directors have come forward as whistle blowers. David Grusch (decorated Afghanistan combat veteran and former Air Force intelligence officer[1] who worked in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).[ From 2019 to 2021, he was the representative of the NRO to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. From late 2021 to July 2022, he was the co-lead for UAP analysis at the NGA and its representative to the task force.He assisted in drafting the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023) Luis Elizondo. Quit his job so that he could come forward in 2017.

David Grusch, who colleagues and supervisors say has unimpeachable record and character, was sent by the investigator general to investigate these claims and came forward as a whistle blower. According to Grusch, the US government and some other countries are private programs that have been tasked with reverse engineering craft made by non human intelligence.

Scientists who work for the US government have come forward and , saying that the US government is aware of non-human intelligence on this planet and has retrieved craft, and it’s trying to reverse engineer them. Look up Gary Noland, Travis Taylor, and even aerospace engineer and billionaire Robert Bigelow (worked for NIDS), And a the scientists who worked in the NIDS program for the US government. There’s many more people in government who have come forward with these claims. There are many more.


UFOs are likely just undisclosed spy technology. We are a sad, lonely rock. It’s time we move on for now until further evidence presents itself and focus on our own survival because we are literally melting to death.


In a world full of high resolution recording devices, aliens/ghosts/bigfeet all exist in the blurry distance. Show some real shit from a few angles and we might have something to talk about.


The r/UFOs crowd with their room-temperature IQ will just say it’s a conspiracy…


The “Go Fast” video, now explained as a natural effect and misconception of estimating speed, is a perfect example of why you should NEVER listen to any of the delusional people who tell you “it moves in way we can’t explain!” or “their tech outperforms ours!”.
Total bullshit from grifters and their delusional followers.


Because the only evidence we have is that they exist and that we cannot explain their flight capabilities. Anything beyond that is conjecture.


There is also no evidence NASA wouldn’t lie to us. I know nothing about aliens. I know a bit about government agencies though.


I really don’t care about aliens until we get global warming figured out.


Could be extra-dimensional. It would explain the “physically impossible” movements that some UFOs/UAPs make in the air.

Imagine sharing the world with 4th dimensional beings that we can’t see or interact with because they’re a plane of existence above us.


This is true. And part of the reasons most UFOs are near MILITARY TESTING SITES. UFO: unidentifiable flying objects.


Some of our most cutting edge science, scientific breakthroughs, tech, etc. is all kept classified, and yet you have people that know this and will at the same time act like it’s not happening, like our species isn’t *way* more advanced than what is recorded in textbooks or known by academia. This is a conspiracy & its not a theory. Could explain some of the things we see, but we don’t know that. What we know for a fact is that gatekeepers are doing what they do best & keeping the public away from this information, keeping us away from the truth, from reality itself.


I think a lot of people are just sad and desperate for there to be some kind of magic, some sign of hope of something bigger than ourselves.

Those people need to look at some flowers.


It’s very simple – to travel here from anywhere, as a living organism the way we interpret it, requires huge amounts of energy. To travel and survive (food). Anything capable of achieving that would not only leave a trail but also would generate so much “noise” in terms of radiation and radio signals that it would be easily detected. They can’t “hide” behind the moon. Any civilization able to escape their planet and able to become type 2 civilization would be absolutely visible from afar. Meaning their existence would be visible way before they would be able to reach us. In the same way other civilization would know we exist (say they are at the other edge of the galaxy) way before we can get there. We started using radio waves about 120 years ago.. let’s say it moves at the speed of light with no atmosphere- our radio (probably already weak and lost in the background radiation) reached 120 light years away. If we build a ship tomorrow that travel at 10% the speed of light it will take us 1200 years to get there. And that’s 10%!!

Are there aliens out there? Most likely yes. Are there aliens in our “neighborhood”? No. And not even sadly.. cause no one travels millions of miles to be friendly. (Independence Day movie)

If they reach us first they are way more advanced than us and will treat us like we treat other animals.. and how we would treat them if we got to them first..


This is the equivalent to “trust me bro”

And you have people who absolutely will because the alternative makes them super uncomfortable.


So there are these things that seem to ignore the laws of physics as we understand them but they aren’t extraterrestrial, so who on this planet has made several massive scientific advances without any one knowing


That is probably a good idea.


Well yeah, they’re unidentified…


I love Ars Technica but their headline seems misleading here. “No reason to conclude” is not the same as “no evidence”. They’re overstating the report’s actual substance. BBC’s coverage was more accurate.


So admit there’s a secret space program already geez


Post this in r/ufo I dare u!


Scientific is good- I was willing to settle for simply being honest.


Is this them warming us up for the revelation of jack parsons inter dimensional portal.


When all else fails – frighten them I to compliance and cooperation! 🤦🏻‍♂️


>NASA attempts to make conversations about aerial phenomena more scientific

But idiots are having none of that.


Well. This is not unreasonably untrue. If you can’t put hands on it and study it, there is no actual way to verify it’s alien. But the general capabilities of human-made aircraft are pretty much all similar across the board.


There’s compelling evidence that many of the edge case sightings are different types of a naturally occurring plasma otherwise known as the [Hessdalen phenomena]( It’s a remarkable phenomenon, and scientists are still mostly in the dark on how it works. What they do know is it’s shows up on radar, ranges in size up to several meters wide, is extremely bright, can move in groups in seemingly intelligent patterns, and can linger in the air for up to two hours.

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