Oct. 16th 2020 BTC was at ~$11.4K and a new bull run was starting. Here’s how crypto has performed since the beginning of the 2020/2021 bull run.

The pandemic was in full swing, stimulus checks were being mailed out – and crypto was warming up for the epic bull run, that brought BTC to $69K and ETH to nearly $5k. So lets take a look at some of the most popular crypto projects and see how the prices have changed since Oct. 16th 2020.


|Asset Name|[Oct. 16th 2020 price](https://web.archive.org/web/20201016082032/https://coinmarketcap.com/)|[Jan. 23rd 2023 price](https://coinmarketcap.com/)|Relative % change compared to 2020|
|Bitcoin Cash|$254|$134.63|53%|

^(This is obviously not all of the crypto projects from 2020 that are still around, however this list includes, top assets from 2020, top assets from 2022, and a few other popular cryptos according to this sub.)


Since the last bull ran started in late 2020 seven of the assets have outperformed BTC: Atom, Cardano, Avax, Ethereum, BNB, Solana and Dogecoin

A few more assets are up since 2020 but to a lesser extent than BTC, those are: Litecoin, XRP, Dot, Stellar, Monero.

While even more cryptos like: Algo, Link, Cro, and BCH – are all down since the 2020 bull run started.

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Algorand hurts


Solana and DOGE were the best investments apparently.

Algorand performed as expected.


This shows that crypto makes **no sense at all**

LINK, which is very important tech as the biggest oracle, has awful price action

DOGE, a memecoin, has been the best performer of all

Nothing against DOGE, these numbers just prove one more time that people are in crypto to speculate above everything else. We DYOR and all that but in the end, it’s not always the best projects with the best tech that will perform best.


Dogecoin stonks

$0.003 -> $0.73 -> $0.088

Still little salty I procrastinated buying doge for years as I wanted to buy too many,

that’s why I won’t make the same mistake again and earn as many Moons as I can and hodl to the Moon or see it all run into the ground

Edit: missed a decimal


That’s a pretty important metric, showing how even in a bear market you will mostly be in some heavy profits if you invested before the previous bull run.

In the long-term it will always be good.


My poor chainlink . Its been sleeping for so many days . I still believe it’ll wake up one day …..


Serious projects with great potential being overshadowed in price action by memecoins. Kinda frustrating to be honest. I can only imagine how some of these devs feel.


People making millions and retiring from investing in DOGE perfectly sums up crypto. Nothing makes sense and something pumping doesnt always reflect good tech.


Funny how some people who yoloed into DOGE and made a bank started calling themselves crypto gurus.


I cry on ALGO and LINK. I like them.


The 3 coins that would have give you over 10x returns: SOL, DOGE and BNB

Aka 3 of the most hated top altcoins in this sub

Inverse cc strikes again !


Seems ETH did pretty well between both bear market


And I was looking to buy an appartment instead of investing…


I think bull run started long before Oct 2020 but was canceled briefly cause of covid




how about shib? I see News says a lot of people become millionaire with shib.


The bull run is for 2025


DOGE beats BTC in price performance.

Yep, crypto makes no sense…

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