Odd that JP Morgan is accepting accounts with crypto ties after doubting its utility. A ploy to drive price down and get more assets? Crypto will eventually be owned by the banks, but we hold for ourselves not for them.

It is strange that JP Morgan is now allowing accounts with crypto connections, after previously expressing doubts about its usefulness. Could this be a strategy to drive down the price and acquire more assets? Although it is likely that banks will eventually own crypto, we should hold onto it ourselves, not for them.

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Crypto is already pwned by the fiat system, OP. Crypto is regulated as a security.

You can try like Hell to confuse Bitcoin with crypto so that you might regulate Bitcoin as well, but that just won’t work. Sorry, not sorry!


Banks owning BTC is fine… don’t be squeamish about it

The point is they can own it but can’t control it…

It’s the reason I was a little put off by Ukraine accepting crypto donations, but in the same breath trying to have addresses attached to Russians blocked

You can’t have it both ways

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