Onion site not found

I keep trying to go into multiple onion sites that i used to use a shit ton and like i just cant seem to get into any, it keeps saying onionsite not found,i was wondering if anyone else is also coming across the problem and that a bunch of tor sites are just currently down, or it could just be something at my end, either way any help would be appreciated

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How long are the addresses? Are they like 32 characters, or are they much shorter. Because it’s my guess that you’ve fallen for the v3 bug.

See, not long after they came out with v2 addresses, they realized that they had done fucked themselves really good. Those addresses needed to be changed, so we got the v3 (long) onion sites. Sure, they’re more annoying and sure, a whole lot of sites never bothered switching (and can’t be accessed anymore), but it is a lot more secure now.

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