Only 5% of $22B in VC funding for generative AI went to Europe

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So what does that mean?


The EU data privacy regulations get in the way of hoovering up all the training data.

Not saying I think the high regulations in the EU are a good or bad thing, but one outcome that is guaranteed is a stifling of innovation. Even the mandate of USB-C is going to become problematic in 5 years when a better form of connectivity should have been invented but won’t because the laws say USB-C.

Now, I need to go click on some cookie acceptance waivers.


An important question though: How much of the VC funding was US-based compared to EU-based? It’s a lot easier to invest in startups that aren’t abroad.


No surprise due to regulation.


An issue I haven’t seen brought up is the bad culture in many European countries with respect to starting businesses. In Germany it’s shameful to have a business fail so people are more cautious. The US celebrates those that try and fail.


ASIA and NA are on vacuum mode


Pass useless regulations and this is what u get.


Guess EU VCs should invest more?


Asia, basically just China, has a boom in the crypto time. It bottomed out in this round. US gonna dominate every other way even leave European behind. It already does after 08 financial crisis in term of wage and economy growth. Now European has no viable AI big names neither not so much in any renewable energy front.



Most of the “AI” ventures that will be funded are going to be bullshit hype machines whose real object will be for stock market manipulation by people who would otherwise be working on a new crypto scams.



And $ARM decided to be listed on the NYSE. Others incoming. The EU is a mess with regulations and stagnant growth, and insane infighting because of their stupid fucking immigration policies. No one wants to deal with it from a financial POV.

People can talk shit all they want about the US but the douchebags who know how to make money don’t want anything to do with Europe’s stock exchanges for a multitude of reasons.


Well when you’re proposed regulations kill open source im not surprised


Maybe investors, rightly or wrongly, choose to invest in a continent that isn’t union-heavy, prone to heavier tax burden, and takes the entire month of August off to go pick flowers?


Europe is a lousy place to do business because of all the taxes, regulations, labor laws, etc. Better to do business in the US.


I haven’t seen that adorable little box since I was an emo kid on VK in the early 2010s when all the scene kids used only VK since it was ‘less known’ than FB and ‘edgier’.

But Europe isn’t really a hotspot for fast and loose tech development. Which is fine – they have their own infrastructure that’s been building at an OK rate and the sphere isn’t exactly known for abandoning their principles in favor of shiny new things.

They generally just kinda get floated the diluted version of the tech shipped by a U.S. org as it adheres to the legislation for those countries.


“WoN’t SomEoNe tHink oF thE InNovAtion”


EU is a joke. They just want to regulate


That 5% is probably EU government fines for USA companies


See… startups love to exploit their workers and the law. Can’t do that so well in Europe

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