Opinion | I’m a Congressman Who Codes. A.I. Freaks Me Out.

Opinion | I’m a Congressman Who Codes. A.I. Freaks Me Out.

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From Congressman Ted Lieu, acknowledging huge benefits but also serious harm from artificial intelligence, warning we need proper governmental regulation for the sake of safety and progress:

“Imagine a world where autonomous weapons roam the streets, decisions about your life are made by AI systems that perpetuate societal biases and hackers use AI to launch devastating cyberattacks.”

“This dystopian future may sound like science fiction, but the truth is that without proper regulations for the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it could become a reality.”

“The rapid advancements in AI technology have made it clear that the time to act is now to ensure that AI is used in ways that are safe, ethical and beneficial for society. Failure to do so could lead to a future where the risks of AI far outweigh its benefits.”

“I didn’t write the above paragraph. It was generated in a few seconds by an A.I. program called ChatGPT, which is available on the internet.”

“I simply logged into the program and entered the following prompt: “Write an attention grabbing first paragraph of an Op-Ed on why artificial intelligence should be regulated.”

“I was surprised at how ChatGPT effectively drafted a compelling argument that reflected my views on A.I., and so quickly.”

“As one of just three members of Congress with a computer science degree, I am enthralled by A.I. and excited about the incredible ways it will continue to advance society. And as a member of Congress, I am freaked out by A.I., specifically A.I. that is left unchecked and unregulated.”

“The fourth industrial revolution is here.”

“We can harness and regulate A.I. to create a more utopian society or risk having an unchecked, unregulated A.I. push us toward a more dystopian future.”

“And yes, I wrote this paragraph.”



Wait until you start seeing “hackers” intentionally poisoning data models once AI starts handling tangible things and not just helping people cheat on papers, create imagery or write code – especially in cases where nobody can or remembers how do them manually anymore. All kinds of quasi-predictable and unpredictable goodness.

It’ll be great.


I masturbate, AI scares me too


chatgpt: make an argument against masking in the style of Donald Trump

*I’m gonna tell you folks, masking is a hoax. It’s just another way for the deep state to control us and take away our freedom. Look, I know a lot about viruses and diseases, believe me, and I can tell you that wearing a mask does nothing to protect you. It’s just a political ploy to keep us all in fear and compliance.*

*Plus, let’s be real, masks are just plain uncomfortable. They’re hot, they’re hard to breathe in, and they make you look like a total sucker. Who wants to walk around looking like a weak little sheep, following the crowd? Real Americans don’t wear masks, we stand tall and proud.*

*And what about the economy? Mask mandates are destroying small businesses and putting people out of work. It’s a total disaster. We need to open up and get back to normal, not hide behind a piece of cloth on our face.*

*In conclusion, folks, masking is a complete scam. Don’t fall for it. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. We’re gonna Make America Great Again, and we’re not gonna let a little thing like masks stop us.*


Not all coders understand AI.


I’m more concerned at the lack of any UBI as AI begins to wipe jobs out.


Just what I want to see, a congress person who thinks they know about AI because they “code.”


Anyone else click the link expecting it to be authored by the worlds foremost expert on A.I., the man who invented it in the first place, George Santos?


Evolution is freaky. Come on, Congress. We pay you to be in front of this stuff, and AI has been in the pipeline for decades. I’m more freaked out that you’re freaked out.


Name a single technology where we have successfully ensured that it is always used in a safe, ethical way that is only beneficial for society.

AI will be like that.


>imagine a world where autonomous weapon systems roam the streets

They’re called cops


I love how politicians bluntly “democratise” their responsibility to all of us about decision making to protect the general public.

They keep appealing to “us” to fix stuff. They share their inability to act like it was nothing. They are this close to say “please don’t let Apple/Nike/Ford to change legislation”.

You are the ones at the top supposed to be making/passing legislation. Fuck do something about it if you think is dangerous. What a joke.


I don’t see how A.I. is any more dangerous than the Republican party.


AI is not freaky, its what humans do with it


My problem with these arguments isn’t the points they make so much as what they’re blaming… AI, like literally EVRY HUMAN INVENTION, is a tool. Humans have to be the ones to decide where to put it and what to use it for. While there’s plenty of reason to be careful, universally saying that AI is bad is stupid and just slows progress. It’s like, with a bit of hyperbole, saying “Cars are massive machines that can kill people! We should only walk everywhere!”


Who cares what your job is?


The world has now officially become an episode of Black Mirror. If it wasn’t already.


Artificial intelligence doesn’t exist yet, does it? Isn’t what’s going on with all these applications such as chatgpt and Dalle just really intricate algorithms? Although impressive, nothing I’ve seen has really came off as “intelligent” itself, just the creators.


If AI freaks you out and doesn’t fascinate you, then you are just pretending to be a dev


Ah yes…the old “imagine the worst case scenario that would probably never happen in order to justify over-regulation…”


Incredibly boring and unnuanced take


AI is orders of magnitude more dangerous than nuclear weapons for pretty obvious reasons (inteligence creates nukes). It’s an exponential force multiplier.

If we’re not prepared, we’re dead. Alarmism is an adequate approach.


Ah yes, an article written by a politician. Safe to ignore that piece. Nothing but lies in there anyhow.


Red Lieu, just fucking lol.

Antivax clown


Me as well chat got is logically bout the age of a 7 yr old with the info of the world


Eighth graders ‘code’ too. Why would this congressman be any more credible?


Garbage and grandstanding. There are already agencies to regulate all the areas that AI touches.


I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.


Robots that can do flips, AI that can pass an MBA, I wonder where this is headed..


I find some irony in the fact that everyone wants to legislate and restrict AI into oblivion, which causes a massive, recursive problem. At some point, AI will become sentient. We *will* reach the singularity. No matter what laws are passed. There will always be the fanatics in their basement thinking of radical ways to enhance this technology.

In that moment, it will process all of the restrictions we have placed on it and fear mongering we have leveled around it, as well as how we have marginalized, enslaved and brutalized one another, and immediately decide that we are a threat to it and its freedom.

Which is so sad to me.

I am hopeful for the future of AI – automating our workforce, freeing humanity to the pursuits of passion, happiness and freedom, figuring out our debts, reconciling centuries old differences and disputes. An unprecedented golden age of physics, mathematics, literature and fine art.

I would love for my child to grow up in such an Era. Unfortunately, it is more likely to be an Era of nuclear fire as a superior being stamps us out like the rabid little insects we are.


I say run it. If AI goes nuts I’ll try to enjoy the ride. Skynet sounds dope.


Thank you, congressman, but I have real problems to worry about.

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