Package was returned to sender.

Vendor wouldn’t give tracking. So when he finally did, I went to go pick it up because it has been sitting there for about a week. And they told me they had already returned it to sender.

I’m guessing he used a fake return address, so now what?

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Wait till they open it since the fake address is sus.


Contact the vendor for a solution. If they won’t cooperate, dispute the order. I don’t recommend tracking your packages, if it doesn’t come within the amount of time it is supposed to come then always contact the vendor and ask them what’s going on. Tracking your package can backfire… If you ever get caught, they will know you are expecting the package because those shipping websites (like usps or fedex) for example store data and keep in record of you tracking your package


If you make up names and send it to addresses that are abandoned or don’t make sense the postan knows he fucking goes through thousands and thousands of papers everyday and knows everyone’s names, whose moved, who got married when a girlfriend moves in. I moved into my girls got informed delivery and always use my real name. Never once had a problem. Although one time I hit Kay’s jewelers for like 50k in one month and had all the packages sent in the names of the people who’s fullz I used and THAT was stupid bc UPS NOT USPS UPS AND FEDEX dude knew that many women didn’t live there. Thank God they were cool about it. From then on it was emailed gift cards or gift cards to my girls in south flo so there was no back burning. Also been using DNM since before ALPHABAY 1.0 and never once had a problem. Did have a couple vendors not send packs but they always refunded or righted it. Do your research, check those comments, see how long he’s been a vendor, and always ALWAYS CHECK WHEN HE WAS ONLINE LAST. And just bc they say they have been on other DNM with like 1400 sales doesn’t mean shit unless it’s verified. Love y’all stay safe. Ubuntu, von, socks5, RDP, CC CLEANER and multiple laptops. Pc gang


The receiving address was a House where it sat outside for a few days before marked as delivered before the postman sent it back?


Your not supposed to check tracking unless it’s a third party site


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Same thing happened to me. I didn’t go to the PO but informed delivery said returned to sender. I messaged vendor and got a reship for free. Just message the vendor and go from there. Depends on their rules for reships


Address unknown?


I’m sorry OP. Your pack is gone.



This reminds me of an Elvis song


That is why you sign up for informed delivery.


Did you let the order finalize?


Seriously! This was in the US. In NC. I was shocked. First the postal inspector and local police officer came to their door and asked if they knew anything about it, trying to get him to incriminate himself. They held the package in their hand as they were asking.
Of course he said he had no idea why drugs would be mailed to his house. The police left and he thought that was that.

A few days later, he was at work and saw the police come to his house on his Ring camera, while he was at work. I don’t remember if they rang the doorbell or were just looking around.

The next morning he went to leave for work, and as he pulled out of his driveway and went to turn on the main road, he noticed an SUV quickly pull out from a side street and follow him. He was smart enough to make sure to have anything hidden or not on him after recent events.

They pulled him over, had a warrant for his arrest. He had a prescription for Suboxone and had one strip on him, which they added to the charges. They didn’t care that he had a prescription.

He got a lawyer, went to court. They offered a plea deal to drop the charges related to the delivery of controlled substances, but they, being the prosecutor, being a cunt as most are, refused to let him off completely and offered, so kindly (/s) to reduce the charge of having the (legally prescribed) Suboxone to possession of paraphernalia. He ended up getting fired from his job for the arrest (large companies often use a service that lets them know when any of their employees have an encounter with the law) and 1 year of probation.

The fact that the Suboxone possession was “reduced to possession of paraphernalia” is really irrelevant, though it does sound absolutely ridiculous, since he had a prescription, because basically when they offer a plea bargain, the charges that you end up pleading to are just made up and have nothing to do with what actually happened.

What a waste of money and time for everyone. My friend ended up being able to get unemployment though, and this happened right at the beginning of when COVID started, so he was able to receive more money each month than when he was working (the US offered additional unemployment funds to those who were laid off as a result of the pandemic)

It was very stressful for my friend, and now he has that misdemeanor on his otherwise spotless record.


I have never used any service or market place on the “dark web” . Unfortunately, I cannot help you.



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