Panicked by fentanyl analogs, Biden embraces the mandatory minimums he claims to oppose

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The opioid crisis has been a major issue in the United States for years, and the recent surge in fentanyl analogs has only made the situation worse. In response, President Joe Biden has embraced the idea of mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of trafficking in fentanyl analogs. This is a stark reversal from his previous stance on mandatory minimums, which he has long opposed.

The Biden administration has argued that the mandatory minimums are necessary to deter drug traffickers from dealing in fentanyl analogs, which are much more potent and dangerous than traditional opioids. The administration has also argued that the mandatory minimums will help ensure that those convicted of trafficking in fentanyl analogs receive appropriate sentences.

However, many critics of the Biden administration’s policy argue that mandatory minimums are not an effective way to combat the opioid crisis. They argue that mandatory minimums do not address the root causes of the opioid crisis, such as poverty and lack of access to treatment. Furthermore, they argue that mandatory minimums disproportionately affect people of color, who are more likely to be arrested and convicted of drug offenses.

Ultimately, the Biden administration’s embrace of mandatory minimums for fentanyl analogs is a controversial move. While the administration argues that the policy is necessary to combat the opioid crisis, critics argue that it is an ineffective and unjust approach. Only time will tell if the policy will be successful in reducing the number of fentanyl analogs on the streets.


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