Perth Heat’s ‘Stealing Sats’ gives fans a chance at free Bitcoin every time a base is stolen or a home run is hit

Perth Heat baseball fans have the opportunity to win free Bitcoin with ‘Stealing Sats’ every time a base is stolen or a home run is hit.

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*Me at the stadium shining a laser at the pitcher’s eyes*


Baseball is boring as a crabbing stablecoin.


You know when the screenshots of that gaming competition comes up from years ago, where 3rd place was like 10,000 BTC? Back then it was like $5 and at one point it would’ve been worth $ Millions?

Imagine if this is the same in the future

‘Perth Heats used to give away 50 Sats if someone stole a base’. Now it’s like, a couple of cents? In 10 years it could be like $20


Makes baseball a little more interesting to watch


Maybe I’d actually pay attention to a game in this case.


Wish there was an “adoption” flair. This baseball team in Australia gives fans a chance at sats with every stolen base and home run, with payments via lightning network. Also you can engage with it via their socials even without being present in person. Kinda cool


There has been way too much Sat stealing going on recently.


Looks like I’m a Perth Heats fan


tldr; Perth Heat outfielder Chase Dawson. (Photo: Ryan Schembri) Coinhead March 10, 2023March 10, 2023 | Rob Badman

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