Peter Thiel says he had $50M in SVB when it collapsed.

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Yeah, didn’t he pull like 2 billion out and was the one who told others to do the same? Pennies lost if he doesn’t get this back.


Oh, as a deposit? Then he’ll get it all back. No schadenfreude here. The investors are getting rinsed, but depositors are all fine.


This guy has like a billion dollars in his Roth IRA, $50M is lunch money for him.


“Thiel told the FT that his account was frozen on Friday when regulators stepped in and took control of the bank. However, it is once again accessible after the US government stepped in earlier this week and shored up all customer deposits in SVB.”

OMG folks….this poor guy didn’t have access to about 1 percent of his net worth for …a whole weekend


Can you all hear that real tiny violin?


And he’ll be first to get it back. Everyone not a billionaire get in line and don’t hold your breath.


This accelerationist piece of shit tried to start a bank run and economic collapse. He’s nothing short of a political terrorist.

With ChatGPTs help:

In Silicon Valley’s hallowed halls,
Where innovation stands so tall,
Venture capitalists play their game,
In pursuit of wealth and fame.

Peter Thiel, a titan bold,
Whose mind, like Midas, turned to gold,
Did rise to challenge, fierce and true,
The bank that once his fortunes grew.

Silicon Valley Bank did stand,
A beacon in that tech-soaked land,
But Peter and his VC kin,
Did plot to tear its pillars thin.

With cunning minds and pockets deep,
These wolves did gather, secrets keep,
Their strategy, like a serpent’s coil,
To bring down the bank that once was loyal.

The bank, that nurtured dreams and schemes,
Where founders sought their golden beams,
Now faced a storm, a battle dire,
As Thiel and his kin conspired.

The conflict raged like fire and ice,
Yet, in their quest for paradise,
Did these titans fail to see,
The cost of their sweet victory?

For in the battle’s dark embrace,
The Valley trembled in disgrace,
The dreams of many turned to dust,
In the face of ambition’s lust.

Yet from the ashes, new life may rise,
A phoenix of a different guise,
Silicon Valley’s heart may beat,
To the rhythm of a different street.

And so, the tale of Thiel and foes,
Serves as a lesson, I suppose,
That venture, while it seeks to grow,
Can sometimes be its own worst foe.


He can pull himself up by his bootstraps and stop buying coffee and avocado toast.


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can these bankers and managers just fail and lose their money please? the pricks


To put this in perspective: If we go by Google’s claim of his net worth being a bit more than 4 billion dollars, 50 million represents a bit more than 1% of his wealth.

For comparison, the median net worth in the US is about $120,000, so this would be like losing around $1200 for a regular person. Not nothing, but certainly not ruinous.

Plus, there’s the fact that, once you get beyond a certain level of wealth, any additional money ceases to matter very much, because there’s a limit to how much you can practically spend even if you live very extravagantly. In other words, he’s not going to miss that $50 million anywhere near as much as the median person is going to miss $1200.

(He’s also an authoritarian shitbag who is on record as saying that he “no longer believes that freedom and democracy are compatible.” But that’s not directly related to this topic.)


Couldn’t happen to a nicer person…. /s


I’m sorry, am I supposed to feel sorry for the gobshite?


Nobody is losing their money with SVB. My company uses them and there’s really no issues since Monday… Media has made this much more dramatic


That’s pocket change for him. He’s fine.


What is whining about now?


Can’t get a return without risk.


What? Oh no….

Had his accountants not said anything how long do you think it would have taken for him to notice.


So chump change for him?


Who gives a F***? He’s stolen way more than that over his career.


That’s like me losing a dollar…

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