PGP keys

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers and I am having difficulty understanding how to use this key device. Is it necessary to have this item or can I manage without it?

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It is absolutely essential


Yeah you’re gonna need it if you place order. You don’t want your info going through the first node unencrypted. Nothing will most likely happen if it does but to be extra safe use PGP


it’s important for opsec.

being careful is the main point of using Tor in the first place.

go watch some tutorial or read the simplified manuals out there – you don’t want to skimp on security as this ain’t the clearnet.


Just hand yourself into the local police station now, save yourself some time.


Watch some infos on YouTube.

You don’t really really need it if you are sure your link is safe (multiple reputable sources giving the same link).

But it’s really not that hard and it is way better to be sure you don’t get phished


Just stop trying to use the dn. You are obviously too low IQ to do this safely. You’re better off without using entirely. PGp is the easiest thing to learn, if you can’t even learn that you’ll only get yourself in trouble, it’s inevitable.


Nah keep using it. You’ll get better just don’t do stupid shit . Follow tutorials for this. Bad vibes from did above. I’ve never been good w computers and was able to figure everything out.

– you’ve never sucked at anything before ? Just keep at it no need to push him away he’ll learn the hard way or take our simple advice

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